Inter-Asia Cultural Studies : [1270]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A reappraisal of Marx’s Ethnological Notebooks: family, gender, individual vs. state, and colonialismM. Musto
2023Comparative adversaria of Gandhi and Marx: self-clarification through thinking in diaries and lettersJ. Hutnyk
2023Pathways to social development: Rosa Luxemburg’s studies on the anthropology and sociology of imperialismP. Hudis
2023Social reproduction and the division of labourL. Y. Hoang Minh Uyen
2023Mutato nomine de te fabula narraturJ. Hutnyk
2023Joining bits and pieces: a Chinese Indonesian mother–daughter collaborative witnessing as a resource for writing an autobiographical novelA. N. Adji; W. Tjitrodjojo
2023The disappearance of the working class hero in the New Independent Turkish Cinema: globalization and the politics of festivalismA. Daldal
2023Wartime collaboration through a collaborator’s eyes: Zhou Fohai (1897–1947) and his diaryD. Hwang
2023How does criticism civilize: the possibility and limitation of literature criticism in university educationL. I. Haixia
2023The Russia-Ukraine war: a view from the Southern LeftR. Samaddar; B. Xiang
2023“Let us build the world anew” here and now: from Sukarnoism to Bandung SchoolK.-H. Chen
2023Chinese Killer King: trespassing the boundaries of crime fiction and Cantonese literatureN. L. Lam
2023Knowledge in movement: configuring Asian American studies in Asian classroomsH.-c. Lee
2023Editorial statementK.-H. Chen; B. H. Chua
2023Visual imagination and narrativisation of COVID-19: the case of Sonny LiewP.-c. Feng
2023The new dynamics between the state, local ideals, and (anti-)corruption: an ethnographic study of the ethical practices of China's pharmaceutical industryF. Dai
2023Taiwanese female microcelebrities in Japan: cross-cultural romance, Japanese tourism, and the post-3.11 Taiwan-Japan friendshipK. Hu
2023Who archives the city? place-making at Gwanghwamun square: power struggles between political authority and civil powerH. K. Lee
2023The right to ecology: Rohingya refugees and citizens contest over natural resources in BangladeshM. R. Habib
2023The old Seoul Station as a performative space: undoing the archive in the cityH. Lee
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1270
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