Title: Modeling PCS networks under general call holding time and cell residence time distributions
Authors: Fang, YG
Chlamtac, I
Lin, YB
Department of Computer Science
Keywords: billing rate planning;call blocking;call holding time;call termination;cell residence;handoff;PCS
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1997
Abstract: In a personal communication service (PCS) network, the call completion probability and the effective call holding times for both complete and incomplete calls are central parameters in the network cost/performance evaluation, These quantities will depend on the distributions of call holding times and cell residence times, The classical assumptions made in the past that call holding times and cell residence times are exponentially distributed are not appropriate for the emerging PCS networks, This paper presents some systematic results on the probability of call completion and the effective call holding time distributions for complete and incomplete calls with general cell residence times and call holding times distributed with various distributions such as Gamma, Erlang, hyperexponential, hyper-Erlaug, and other staged distributions, These results provide a set of alternatives for PCS network modeling, which can be chosen to accommodate the measured data from PCS field trials, The application of these results in billing rate planning is also discussed.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/90.650148
ISSN: 1063-6692
DOI: 10.1109/90.650148
Volume: 5
Issue: 6
Begin Page: 893
End Page: 906
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