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dc.contributor.authorLeong-sze Leeen_US
dc.description.abstract臺灣客家研究在過去三十多年的學理辯證與多元論述之下,提供國家政策、社會議題、經濟產業到文化生活等深厚的學術貢獻及實質回饋。臺灣之客家研究議題亦從臺灣、中國延伸至海外(主要在東南亞)的客家人群,貫穿歷史時間局限與橫跨地理空間界線,擴展臺灣客家研究的範疇。當下之臺灣東南亞客家研究正值逐步成熟階段,其學理軸線彙聚華人研究與族群研究之既有成果,異於傳統華人或族群研究中視華人為一個均質性的社會,或將客家族群作為獨特性的地域社會。臺灣東南亞客家研究關注客家社群為海外華人社會的構成之一,也論述在地客家社會縱橫聯繫,為跨領域及整合性的研究取徑。如今客家研究又有更新的進展,2020年由國立交通大學通識中心主任張維安和大阪民族學博物館的副教授河合洋尚,主編的《客家族群與全球現象-華僑華人在「南側地域」的離散與現況》一書,正代表著客家研究初步進入新的區域。在文中提到「南側」的範圍是包括南亞、西亞、非洲、大洋洲與中南美洲。 這本著作能夠出版,固然是在張維安領導交通大學客家文化學院時,在日本客家計畫的完成之後,與日本大阪的民族學博物館,建立一定的聯繫,再加上臺灣客家文化發展中心的參與下,三方的積極努力下終達成多次的交流。對於所謂的「南側地域」的初步研究亦逐漸形成。本書除了序論,結語和主題演講外,共有四個篇章,十四篇文章。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractBased on the academic dialectics and diversified discourses of more than 30 years in the past, Taiwan's Hakka studies have provided profound academic contributions and substantial feedback on national policies, social issues, economic industries, and cultural life. The topics of the Hakka studies in Taiwan have also extended from Taiwan and China to the Hakka people overseas (mainly in the Southeast Asia), ranging through the historical time constraints and stretching across the geographic and spatial boundaries, expanding the scope of Taiwan's Hakka studies. Taiwan's current studies of the Hakka in the Southeast Asia is at a stage of gradual maturity. Its academic axis converges the existing results of the Chinese studies and ethnic studies, which are different from traditional Chinese or ethnic studies, which regard Chinese as a homogeneous society or regard the Hakka ethnic group as a unique regional society. Taiwan's Southeast Asian Hakka studies focus on the Hakka community as one of the components of the overseas Chinese society and also discuss the vertical and horizontal connections of the local Hakka society, which is a cross-disciplinary and integrated research approach. Now, Hakka studies have made new progress. In 2020, The book entitledThe Hakka Ethnic Group and Global Phenomenon: The Separation and Current Situation of the Overseas Chinese in the "Southern Region"edited by Wei-An Chang, the Director of the General Education Center of National Chiao Tung University, and Hironao Kawai, Associate Professor of the Osaka Museum of Ethnology, represents the initial entry of the Hakka studies into a new area. The scope of the "southern side" mentioned in the text includes South Asia, West Asia, Africa, Oceania, and Central and South America. Thanks to Wei-An Chang, this work can be published. When Chang Wei-An led the College of Hakka Studies of National Chiao Tung University. After completing the Hakka Project in Japan, he established a special connection with the Museum of Ethnology in Osaka, Japan. Furthermore, due to the participation of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center and under the active efforts of the three parties, many exchanges were finally reached. The preliminary research on the so-called "southern region" has gradually formed. In addition to the introduction, conclusion and keynote speech, this book collects four chapters and fourteen articles.en_US
dc.publisherCollege of Hakka Studies, National Chiao Tung Universityen_US
dc.subjectHakka Studiesen_US
dc.subjectSouthern Regionen_US
dc.title評河合洋尚、張維安編,2020,《客家族群與全球現象:華僑華人在「南側地域」的離散與現況》。[大阪府]吹田市:大學共同利用法人人間文化研究機構國立民族學博物館。v + 408頁。zh_TW
dc.titleReview: Hironao Kawai and Chang Wei-An eds., 2020 The Hakka Ethnic Group and Global Phenomenon: The Separation and Current Situation of the Overseas Chinese in the “Southern Region.” Osaka, Suitashi: Ningen Bunka Kenkyu Kiko Kokuritsu Minzokugaku Hakubutsukan. pp. V+408en_US
dc.typeCampus Publicationsen_US
dc.identifier.journalGlobal Hakka Studiesen_US
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