Title: 競爭或合作?:聚合服務使用新聞媒體內容的法律與實務分析
Competition or Cooperation?: A Legal and Practical Analysis of News Media Content Used by Aggregators
Authors: 羅彥傑
Yen-Chieh Lo
Keywords: 新聞聚合;新聞內容;著作權;合理使用;news aggregator;news content;copyright;fair use
Issue Date: Jan-2018
Publisher: 國立交通大學台灣資訊社會研究學會
National Chiao Tung University. Taiwan Academy for Information Society.
Abstract: 聚合服務使用新聞業生產的內容,對新聞業帶來程度不一的衝擊。歐美傳統新聞業以著作權受侵害為由提告,聚合服務則以合理使用辯護,雙方在政治遊說、司法訴訟上展開攻防。本文先從過往歐美案例檢視聚合服務與新聞業的衝突,並從本土新聞業的現實狀況與需求出發,透過對臺灣聚合服務與新聞業高階主管的深度訪談,描繪與分析臺灣聚合服務與新聞業在實務面的競合關係,最後建議政府該如何將兩者關係導入良性競爭。
News aggregation, which aims to make use of content produced by the press, has impacted the press variably. Traditional media sued news aggregators for copyright infringement, and news aggregators defended themselves by fair use doctrine. Both have wrestled with each other in political lobbying and legal suits. Beginning with examining the previous cases of the conflicts in the United States and Europe, the article then analyzed the interactive relationship between news aggregators and the press in Taiwan, including competition and cooperation. Finally, the article offers some advice for Taiwanese authorities about how to guide both parties to a virtuous competition.
URI: http://www.airitilibrary.com/Publication/alDetailedMesh?DocID=16808428-201801-201802230012-201802230012-1-31
ISSN: 1680-8428
Journal: 資訊社會研究
The Journal of Information Society
Issue: 34
Begin Page: 1
End Page: 32
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