Title: 評《走向伊斯蘭:印尼客家華人成為穆斯林之經驗與過程》
Book Review: Embracing Islam: Exploring Hakkas' Experiences in Becoming Muslims in Indonesia (by Fen-fang Tsai)
Authors: 蔡源林
Yuan-lin Tsai
Keywords: 東南亞研究;伊斯蘭研究;改宗;本質化;離散;Southeast Asian Studies;Islamic Studies;Conversion;Essentializing;Diaspora
Issue Date: May-2018
Publisher: 國立交通大學客家文化學院
College of Hakka Studies
Abstract: 本書評首先強調本書之於客家研究、東南亞研究、伊斯蘭研究的開創性貢獻;然後,就宗教改宗與族群認同的兩大核心課題,作者所採取的過程模式典範及解構族群的本質化論述,予以說明;最後,針對客家人與猶太人離散經驗的相似性,提出客家研究對全球族群與文化研究的可能貢獻。
his book review first emphasizes the ground-breaking contributions of this book to Hakka studies, Southeast Asian studies, and Islamic studies; second, deliberates the author's theoretical paradigm of the process model to religious conversion and deconstructionist approach to the essentializing discourses of ethnicity regarding Islam and Chineseness; finally, pinpoints the similarity between the Hakka and Jewish peoples' diasporic experiences and expects the possible contribution of Hakka studies to global ethnic and cultural studies.
URI: http://ghk.nctu.edu.tw/issueArticle.asp?P_No=47&CA_ID=507
ISSN: 2303-2437
Journal: 全球客家研究
Global Hakka Studies
Issue: 10
Begin Page: 259
End Page: 270
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