Title: Ultra-Low Voltage Ripple in DC-DC Boost Converter by the Pumping Capacitor and Wire Inductance Technique
Authors: Tang, Chen-Fan
Chen, Ke-Horng
Wey, Chin-Long
Lin, Ying-Hsi
Lin, Jian-Ru
Tsai, Tsung-Yen
National Chiao Tung University
Keywords: DC-DC boost converter;pumping capacitor and wire inductance (PCWI) technique;pseudo-inductor current (PIC) technique
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
Abstract: overall consideration including bonding wire effects is needed because conventional DC-DC boost converter used in energy harvesting systems suffers from large output voltage ripple in steady state and transient response. Thus, this paper proposed the pumping capacitor and wire inductance (PCWI) technique to suppress output voltage ripple to an ultra-low value. Small steady state voltage across the wire inductance (WI) and continuous WI current can be ensured by an additional pumping capacitor (PC). Moreover, even in case of an ultra-low output voltage ripple, the proposed pseudo-inductor current (PIC) technique regenerates the inductor current information to eliminate the instability problem in conventional ripple-based control techniques. Transient recovery time and output voltage variation can be reduced simultaneously. Test chip was fabricated in 0.18 mu m 5V/24V CMOS process when input voltage of 1.8-5.5V is converted to 12.8V. Experimental results show the ratio of output voltage ripple and output voltage is reduced to 0.04%. Measured power conversion efficiency is around 92% at 100mA and 96% at 0.1mA.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/146559
Begin Page: 301
End Page: 304
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