Title: Automatic Test Environment Deployment and Service Testing Model in the Cloud
Authors: Lo, Win-Tsung
Sheu, Ruey-Kai
Yuan, Shyan-Ming
Luo, Guo-Heng
Department of Computer Science
Keywords: Cloud service test;Automatic testing;Test environment generation;Virtual network
Issue Date: 1-May-2016
Abstract: Cloud testing has become a crucial concern due to the explosion of cloud services and requirements of reliable and high-quality service. The technologies of virtualization and infrastructures of cloud services have enabled service providers to deploy their services conveniently. However, current test models decrease the flexibility of test scenarios and test client customization. For solving these problems, this study proposes a testing service in the cloud to help the testing environment generation, deployment and execution of test scenarios. The tester can customize test scenarios involving clients, network topologies, and test scripts. In the paper, a demonstration test toolkit was implemented, and also used for testing distributed file system with various numbers of hosts, threads, and virtual network topologies.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.6138/JIT.2016.17.3.20151110e
ISSN: 1607-9264
DOI: 10.6138/JIT.2016.17.3.20151110e
Volume: 17
Begin Page: 599
End Page: 607
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