Title: 探討動物醫院經營之關鍵成功要素-以台灣為例
A study on key successful factors of Animal Hospital Management : in the case of Taiwan
Authors: 呂志軒
Lu, Chih-Hsuan
Keywords: 動物醫院;專家訪談;次級資料法;層級程序分析法;Animal hospital;Secondary Data Analysis;Expert Interviews;Analytic Hiterarchy Process
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 現今台灣社會少子化之狀況日益嚴重,不婚以及不生育的人口比例不斷上升,另一部分由於社會結構轉化,都市化的影響,使得人與人之間關係變得淡薄且脆弱,而使得寵物地位提升,成為人們情感上的寄託,更有如親人和密友般的伴侶。然而動物醫院新競爭者的不斷加入以及新型態的經營模式興起,甚至連寵物店都開始附設動物醫院來分食這塊市場,甚至用低價的醫療價格來競爭﹐本研究期望能找出動物醫院經 營成功之關鍵因素,提供給相關經營者及新進入此市場者做為參考。 本研究先經由次級資料法以及專家訪談法決定需探討之四大構面,並決定四大構 面下之次級要素,從此確立研究架構並進行問卷設計,將請具有 10 年以上動物醫院經營經驗以及獸醫師以層級程序分析法設計之問卷進行填答,期望能找出台灣動物醫院經營之關鍵要素,並分析各構面與要素之權重分配情形,對未來有意願投入此產業, 或已在此產業但面臨嚴峻競爭之經營者做為參考。 而在現在消費者至上的氛圍中,研究結果在客戶互動上,為現行動物醫院經營最關鍵之要素。因台灣動物醫院產業競爭者不斷增加,若能從經營動物醫院長久且有ㄧ定規模之經營者中獲得寶貴之意見,將可有效替許多資源有限或剛畢業之獸醫師提供 經營上的寶貴意見
Nowdays the low birth rate in Taiwan society become more serious. And the proportion of not married also is more than before. Furthurmore, due to the transformation of the social structure and the impact of urbanization, it makes the relationship between people become weak and fragile. These all are the reason why status of pet raise, Pet become human’s emotional sustenance, such as relatives and close friends are more like a companion. However, new competitors keep joining the animal hospital industry. Even pet shops are beginning to involve in this market, with the low-cost health care competition. This study hope to find out a key factor of success of animal hospital management, provided the relevant operators and new entrants to this market for reference. This study needs to investigate the method through Secondary Data Analysis and Expert Interviews to define the four dimensions, and decided sub-elements under four facets. After the establishment of study architecture and design of the questionnaire, will invite to the animal hospital operator with more than 10 years operating experience and veterinarians to response the questionnaire. Then we will use Analytic Hiterarchy Process to find the key factor. And now is the consumer-oriented society, result shows that the customer interaction is the most important factor of the existing animal hospital. I hope these results from experienced operator on animal hospital. The animal hospital operation can be effective even the resources in limited.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070363507
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