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dc.description.abstract西湖鄉三湖社區推動客家文化再生,舉辦西湖柚花季活動,帶動當地開啟發展文化觀光,三湖社區雖擁有豐富的自然、人文地景但仍未被完全發掘或文化活動多欠缺新意,發展仍緩慢。如何增進三湖社區客家文化再生,並邁向永續經營為目的,正是本研究關切問題。 本研究採用質性研究「文獻分析法」「參與觀察法」「深度訪談法」,藉由訪談得出三湖社區地景意象,配合理論架構和三湖社區文化發展現況,以地景意象的角度看文化觀光提出建議和作法,找出適用於三湖社區文化觀光活動之意象,輔以新意。 研究結果分成二部份,首先從三湖社區文化節慶意象看文化觀光,飛龍宮祈福繞境活動,以祈福、祈願意象,帶領遊客認識古蹟、宗祠飛龍宮、五龍宮、店仔街,從中建立文化資產保存觀念,活動結合民宿、河岸咖啡館設置、DIY體驗活動行程等。收冬戲以懷舊意象,設計懷舊的農村體驗表演活動和戲劇欣賞等。其次,從三湖社區產業活動,強化客家柚花季意象,客家柚花節暨柚子山健行賞花活動推出套裝文化觀光行程,研發文旦創意行銷,舉辦體驗採果、果樹認購等活動;結合自然景觀加強原有意象以花繁似錦之美意象,設置大型文旦公仔模型,及增加休憩設施。創新再生西湖甘薯節,未來推動親子互動觀光工廠。 配合研究結果彙整結論與建議,冀能提供社區發展文化觀光參考zh_TW
dc.description.abstractXanhu Community XiHu Township has tried to promote Hakka traditions and culture regeneration, aimed to develop the local culture and tourism via grapefruit flower blossom events where are rich in natural resources and cultural landscapes, however have not yet been fully excavated and exploitation or cultural tours organized mostly lack of new ideas and formal organized, the cultural tourism development is still in slow progress. Therefore, how to uphold the regeneration of the Hakka traditions on the culture image in order to move towards sustainable development is the key for the purpose of this study. This paper adopts qualitative research including "literature analysis method", "participant observation method ", and "depth interview method". With the theoretical framework and current situation development by observing and interviewing the Hakka cultural landscape imagery and activities. This study aims to find out the suitable, the new imagery events, sufficient cultural tours for the new era. The result is divided into two parts observing the Hakka cultural events and culture landscape imagery from three lakes community: firstly, The Dragon Palace Praying Ceremony can be supplemented by pray imagery such as Five Dragons Palace, Tsai Street shop, to gain more heritage and traditions understanding as well as the Xihu Township, monuments, temples, the concept of culture preservation of cultural assets, combined with new and tour packages such as B & B activity, riverside cafe setting and DIY experience programs. Secondly, providing visitors the winter scene imagery nostalgia, historical design and sentimental theme of countryside experience performances and theater appreciation. The promotion of the development of cultural industry at the XanHu community-based Hakka imagery cultural tourism: first, the strengthen Hakka grapefruit blossom imagery, Flower Seasons Festival mountain hiking activities, cultural sightseeing, the tourist attractions with the package tour for instance organizing experience picking fruit, adopt-the fruit-tree and more creative marketing awareness in addition to strengthening the ecotourism provided by a large doll model pomelos dolls and recreation facilities. Second, the creation of the Xihu Sweet Potato Festival, the encouragement parent-child interaction tourism factory for the future generation. With the results aggregated conclusions and recommendations, this study is expected to serve as references for the future development.en_US
dc.subjectCultural Imagesen_US
dc.subjectCulture and Tourismen_US
dc.subjectCulture and Tourismen_US
dc.titleRegeneration of Hakka Tradition on the culture Image:A case Study in Xanhu Community, XiHu Township, Miaoli Countyen_US
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