Title: 基於遠心光學與光柵透鏡之新型內部線掃描高光譜成像系統之發展
Development of Internal Line-scan Hyperspectral Imaging Based on Telecentric Lens-Grating Design
Authors: 陳國軒
Chen, Guo-Hsuan
Huang,Jung Y.
Keywords: 高光譜;遠心;線掃描;透鏡光柵;光學設計;hyperspectral;telecentric;linescan;lens-grating;optic design
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 高光譜影像解析物體成分的特性廣泛應用在遙測分析、國土規劃、礦物檢測以及生醫等領域,量測系統亦逐步由點掃描發展至二維快照成像,適用光譜也隨著應用需求發展至紫外、紅外光波段,未來在成分分析、病理檢測、手術輔助上都將有極大的發展潛力。 本論文中,以現有發展之高光譜儀作為基準,設計價格低廉,應用於可見光波段之高光譜儀,利用近遠心的設計來達到彈性景深的特性,並加入內部掃描系統改善以往線性掃描光譜儀需要移動整個儀器的不便,且有光譜解析度達到1.3nm,空間解析度達到0.4mm的良好成像品質。開發自動化量測系統加快量測並減少人為操作的誤差,最後利用高光譜影像分析探測物體成分,應用於食安檢測,建立判定指標。
The characteristic of hyperspectral image of analyze object composition is widely used in telemetry analysis, land planning, mineral detection and biomedi-cal fields. Measurement system is also gradually developed from point scan to two-dimensional snapshot imaging. The applicable spectrum also evolves to UV light and infrared light with the application requirements. In the future, hypersp-ectral image will have great potential for development in composition analysis, pathological testing and surgical assistance. In this paper, we design a low cost hyperspectral imager used in visible light band with the existing development of hyperspectral imager as a benchmark. Use the Approximate telecentric design to achieve the characteristics of elastic object distance. Add the internal scanning system to improve the shortcomings of previous linear scan spectrometer that need to move the entire instrument, and have good imaging quality that the spectral resolution of 1.3nm, the spatial reso-lution of 0.4mm. Develop automated measurement systems to speed up measur-ement and reduce the error in human operation. Finally, hyperspectral image analysis is used to detect the composition of the object, which is applied to the food safety inspection to establish the judgment index.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070450609
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