Title: 使用標準矽製程之5GHz功率放大器與CMOS對數功率檢測器
5GHz Power Amplifier Using Silicon Technology and CMOS Logarithmic Power Detector
Authors: 傅子謙
Fu, Tzu-Chien
Meng, Chin-Chun
Keywords: 功率放大器;對數功率檢測器;power amplifier;logarithmic power detector
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本篇論文主要分為兩個主題,包含了使用標準矽製程的 5GHz 功率放大 器,以及 CMOS 對數功率檢測器。 第一部分以 TSMC 0.18-um SiGe BiCMOS 與 TSMC 0.18-um CMOS 製 程實現高低功率雙模態 5GHz 功率放大器,藉由高低功率模式切換使傳輸效率獲得提升。此外,為了解決功率放大器效能受溫度變異影響,提出數位控制之抗溫度變異偏壓電路,並實際應用於 5GHz 功率放大器。 第二部分介紹對數功率檢測器,並推導其原理,最後利用 TSMC 0.18-um CMOS、TSMC 0.18-um SiGe BiCMOS 與 UMC 0.18-um CMOS 實作寬頻段射頻功率偵測之對數放大器,以達成高動態範圍的線性功率偵測。
This thesis consists of two parts, including silicon-based 5GHz power amplifiers and CMOS logarithmic power detectors. In the first part, Dual-mode 5GHz power amplifiers implemented with TSMC 0.18-um SiGe BiCMOS and TSMC 0.18-um CMOS technology are presented. The efficiency enhancement is achieved by switching the operation modes. Furthermore, to overcome the effect of temperature variations on the performance of power amplifiers, a temperature insensitive PA bias circuit with digital control interface is proposed. The bias circuits are applied to 5GHz power amplifiers using TSMC 0.18-um SiGe BiCMOS and TSMC 0.18-um CMOS process, respectively. The second part introduces a logarithmic power detector from its fundamental principle. Broadband logarithmic amplifiers for RF power detection are implemented in TSMC 0.18-um CMOS,TSMC 0.18-um SiGe BiCMOS and UMC 0.18-um CMOS, and their features are wide dynamic range and linear-in- decibel power detection.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070260297
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