Title: 基於代理伺服器架構的網路系統設計
Design of Networking System Using Proxy Servers (Study Case: STIES ACEH, Indonesia)
Authors: 賽琳娜
Syaulina Azmi
Yuan, Shyan-Ming
Keywords: 代理伺服器;網路系統;squid;農村;proxy server;network system;squid;rural area
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著時代的發展, 網際網路已經成為日常生活中的一部分。其中在我們生命中扮演很重要角色的便是教育, 在已開發國家, 他們有完善的基礎設施及穩定的連線品質來讓住在那裡的人們能夠毫無障礙的進行學習, 但是在開發中國家,你可以看到很多學校或是大學因為缺乏基礎設備跟資源而沒辦法有效利用網路來加強學習效果。因此此碩論旨在幫助那些因為偏遠而很難透過網路來取得教育資源的地區。我們會去檢查指定學校的網路系統,然後新增一些工具和安裝代理伺服器。在特定學校安裝的網路代理伺服器可以預期去改善整個網路的效能,透過優化網路效能不僅可以讓教學和學習更加有效率,也能讓那些學校的辦公環境更加便利。因此,在學校裝設代理伺服器市一個相當好的方法去創造一個更良好的網路環境。
As the development era, internet has become part of daily life. One aspect of life that is affected the most is education. In developed countries, the implementation of the internet can be found to support learning process without having any barriers due to the qualified infrastructures and connections, but in a developing countries, many cases founded where schools or universities have not been able to utilize the internet to its full potential to do the teaching-learning process. This is because the infrastructure is not yet supported and also lack of power to doing so. This thesis aims to help schools that are located in areas that are secluded, which haven't been able to feel the easiness of getting educational content via the internet. Network system in designated school will be inspected, and the addition of tools and installation proxy server will be done. Installation of proxy server on the network at the designated school system is expected to provide some of the benefits that can improve the whole performance of the internet, it is also expected to optimize the internet in order to support not only teaching and learning activities but also the office activities that occurred in the designated school. A proxy server installation on the network of the school is one of the brilliant way to create a better internet performance to the entire designated school.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070360830
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