Title: 透明無線接入網路共享於 5G 小型與大型基地台
Transparent RAN Sharing of 5G Small and Macro Cells
Authors: 簡旭彤
Chien, Hsu-Tung
Lin, Ying-Dar
Keywords: 無線接入網路;無線接入網路分享;第五代行動網路;小型基地台;大型基地台;radio access networks;RAN sharing;5G;small cells;macro cells
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 為了應對 5G 系統移動數據流量的增長,電信運營商必須在同一地區建立更多的小型和 大型基地台。然而,由於空間限制,每個運營商如果都要佈建屬於自己的基地台是不可 能的,因此 RAN 共享在 5G 系統中是必要的。在這篇論文中,提出了 RAN 代理伺服器 (RANP),欲被共享的基地台和多個核心網之間佈建 RANP,實現透明的 RAN 共享。 除了一般的一級代理架構之外,提出了一種擴展的兩級架構,它將共享小型和大型基地 台。根據我們的實驗結果,RANP 的附加數據包處理時間約為 2ms,佔總端到端延遲的 3.8%。其對流量的影響約為 3%,可視為無關緊要。
To cope with the growth of mobile data traffic in 5G systems, telecom operators have to set up more small and macro cells in the same area. However, because of space limitations, it is difficult for each operator to do so, and RAN sharing would thus become mandatory for 5G systems. In this work, RAN Proxy (RANP) is proposed, which will achieve transparent RAN sharing by setting up RANP between a base station to be shared and multiple core networks. Over and above the general one-level proxy architecture, an extended two-level architecture is proposed that will share both small and macro cells. According to our emulation results, additional packet processing time of a RANP is about 2 ms, 3.8% of the total end-to-end latency. Its impact on throughput is about 3% and can be regarded as irrelevant.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070356092
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