Title: 台灣半導體晶圓代工廠精密製程設備之副廠零組件及替代料件市場發展趨勢分析
Market Trend Analysis on the Deputy Plant and Components of Precious Production Equipment for Taiwanese Semiconductor Foundries
Authors: 許傑煜
Hsu, Chieh-Yu
Hung, Chih-Young
Keywords: 高貴精密半導體製程設備零組件;第二來源料件(second source);半導體設備耗材;專家訪談;層級分析法;副廠零組件(OEM/ODM);逆向工程開發;Precision semiconductor process of equipment components;2nd. Source;Semi-equipment;expert interviews;deputy plant components (OEM /ODM);Reverse engineering
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 現今全球半導體科技業競爭之激烈,其中除了前瞻製程技術之評比競爭外,再者 便是生產成本有效控制,以增加產品利潤之空間以台灣半導體晶圓廠產業來說,皆以OEM 代工為主,因此(Production Lower the Cost)勢必是台灣業者必須列入生產考量之一,高貴精密半導體製程設備之零組件-替代料導入的時機也通常落在必須承接前製程設計程序中,且大多於時間緊迫、限制極多、且有資源缺乏有限的情況下,通常導入的第一時間落於生產製程之R&D 階段時就導入第二來源料件 (Second Source) 之評估,因應其半導體製造廠必須持續的降低成本以維持競爭力,並定期評估設備的運作成本 (Running Cost,包括設備的維修費用、非耗材零件等) 及耗材使用成本 (Cost of Consumable / CoC) ,而若發現設備運作成本或耗材使用成本太高,會要求原廠設備商降低其備用零件售價,或經由持續改善計畫(Continuous Improvement Program / CIP) 延長零件使用壽命(Parts Life Time) ,同時另一方面,半導體晶圓製造廠也會策略性的開發輔導其副廠零件供應商以提高議價力量(即所謂2nd Source 供應商) ,由於種種原因,例如原廠零件要被終產 (EOL,End of Life) 、原始設計有瑕疵、主要零件(Primary source) 原廠商不願意降價…等理由,所以晶圓廠產線設備後續量產過程中,「替代零件」導入大多會是一項常態性的工作,因此以從事設備副廠零組件-替代料件市場之觀點著重研究於半導體精密設備副廠零組件之未來市場發展趨勢分析。
Nowadays global semiconductor of technology industry was a fierce competition in addition to prospective process technology evaluation, the other is the effective control of production costs to increase the profit margins of OEM-products in Taiwanese semiconductor of foundry fabs; Therefore, production cost down is bound to be included in the Taiwanese foundry, which is the one of key point production considerations in advanced. Precious precision of semiconductor process equipment of components - the timing of the introduction of alternative materials usually fall in the process must bear the burden of the former process design, and most of the schedule was tighten, very limited, lack of information was required to complete the project immediately. Although it is ecommended to stop the vicious cycle of this alternative, it is advisable to import the second source in the first R&D of the design duration, but for various reasons, for example:( EOL, End of Life), the original design flawed, the main part (Primary source) of manufacturers do not discount the prices ...etc.or other reasons, the product subsequent mass production is required to recognize the alternative material always difficult to be completely avoided. The "Replacement of parts" will be a normal work, so it is usually a special task group,selected by the various departments involved in the relevant personnel, the general need to set the factory process (Process), research and development institutions (Mechanical), research and development of electronic (Electrical), Quality assurance (QA) or other engineering staff, it is best to have a project manager (PM) to lead the way to track its progress, there is a procurement (Purchaser); Therefore, it is important to study the future development trend of semiconductor precision equipment second source (deputy factory component).
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070252912
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