Title: 陶瓷板的密集微鑽孔加工之研究
Investigation of High Density Micro Drilling of Ceramic Substrate
Authors: 楊清弘
Keywords: 探針卡;微鑽孔;陶瓷板;Probe Card;Micro Drilling;Ceramic substrate
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著3C產品的產品週期快速更替,外型輕薄化的發展趨勢,讓3C產品中的關鍵零件半導體IC的發展快速成長,而IC元件微小化成為其中重要的一個關鍵,當中扮演著偵測角色的探針卡,勢必得跟上腳步 。 本研究目的為探討探針卡中的關鍵零組件-擺針用陶瓷板,探討陶瓷板上所鑽的密集擺針孔與擺針孔相互之間的安全加工餘隙(Gap),進而提供發展新探針與陶瓷板加工上的重要參考依據。 本研究使用可加工陶瓷搭配機械鑽孔來進行實驗,規劃選定於Pitch=60um、陶瓷厚度為0.4mm且每小時需求的加工孔數為150~200孔的設定條件下,搭配1.∮44μm 2.∮47μm 3.∮54μm共三款鑽頭,分別進行25x25配置的密集孔加工以求得安全之加工餘隙。 研究結果顯示,在預定的加工條件底下,當擺針孔與擺針孔相互之間加工餘隙(Gap)小於15um時,孔與孔之間的餘隙,強度可能不足以抵抗加工過程所產生的加工應力,依此次實驗結果做出下列建議,擺針孔與擺針孔的安全加工餘隙值為≧15um。
With the product life cycle of 3C (computer、communication and consumer electronics) product is getting shorten and the trend of lightweight appearance,it has been making the critical parts of semiconductor IC (Integrated Circuit) growth rapidly。Thus,to miniaturize the IC plays the critical role for the trend of IC development。Therefore,the probe card technology has to keep up with the trend in the testing industry。 In this research paper,we will study one of critical parts for the probe card technology which is the ceramic plate for needle assembly purpose。We will drill deeper into the density of assembly holes and theirs interrelationship between secured gap in order to discover and development a new method of ceramic manufacturing process for applying future probe card technology。 The methodology for this research is using machinable ceramic with mechanical drilling for the experiment。We select a product with 60um pitch、ceramic plate thickness is 0.4mm and set up a condition to drill 150 to 200 holes per hour by applying with three types of drilling head which are 1.∮44μm 2.∮47μm 3.∮54μm。 Also, those holes are placed 25 by 25(holes)。Then, we can come out a result to understand the interrelationship between the density of holes and secured gap。 The result has shown with above condition when the secured Gap between hole to hole less than 15 um。The ceramic part in between holes will be not able to handle the stress when doing the mechanical drilling. Therefore, our recommendation for the Secured Gap in between holes is ≧15 um。
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT079869525
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