Title: 高科技廠房鋼構拆除安全探討
Investigation on Safety of Steel Structure Removal in High - tech Factory
Authors: 黃子其
Huang, Tzu-Chi
Chang, Yi
Keywords: 鋼構拆除;氧乙炔切割;安全網;安全母索;steel structure removal;oxyacetylene for cutting;safety net;safety cable
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 高科技廠房鋼構拆除在台灣是一個新的課題,相關鋼構建築物拆除工法與拆除人員所使用之工具與其防護具討論有限,本論文以一個高科技廠房實際拆除案例來說明,由桁架、樑、柱、密集樑、鋼承板、特殊構件等之拆除方法,探討相關拆除方法及其風險,並加以改善解決,並經由實際操作進行驗證,期望能提供給後續施工人員做為參考。 鋼構廠房於拆除桁架與樑等水平構件時,因重力因素,於切斷時會造成切割物墜落,可能因拉扯而導致吊車翻覆,若施預力過大可能因彈昇而撞擊到施工人員,亦因此需搭配吊車施合理的預力與倒梯字型的切割方法,避免人員與財產損失。 鋼構拆除重點除遵守由外而內,由上而下之工法順序外,因人員位於高空作業,墜落之風險相當大,安全母索與中間桿柱需配合工進,時而安裝時而拆除,與傳統安裝後即不拆除之工法不同;鋼構切割時使用氧乙炔切割,對使用火花承接盒或防火毯等傳統設備造成極大之破壞,掉落之火花易引燃安全網或可燃之安全母索,冷卻後之焊渣亦容易使人員滑倒需定期清掃。
The steel structure removal of high-tech factory in Taiwan is a new issue. There are not many studies regarding to the methods of steel structure removal and the tools and protective equipment used by demolition personnel. This paper is a case study on the actual demolition of a high-tech factory. It focuses on the demolition methods of truss, beam, column, dense beam, steel bearing plate, special components and so on and the risks. And then it proposes the improvement plan to provide the constructer for reference. When the trusses or beams of the steel structure factory are removed, the cuttings may fall down due to gravity and the crane may be overturned by pulling force. If the prestressing force is too large, the cuttings may bounce and hit the construction staff. Therefore, in order to avoid the loss of personnel and property, it needs to use a crane to apply a reasonable prestressing force and use the special cutting methods. The steel structure removal should follow the construction sequence from outside to inside and from top to bottom. Because the constructers work aloft and the risk of falling is high, the safety cable and the middle pole need constantly to be installed or removed with the work process. This is not the same as the traditional method. Steel structure removal needs to use oxyacetylene for cutting. It will cause great damage for using the traditional spark-undertaking boxes or fire blanker. And the falling sparks may ignite a safety net or a flammable safety cable, while the slag after cooling may cause the construction personnel to slip need to be cleaned regularly.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT079966507
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