Title: 占星術於明星選角應用之探索性研究
An Exploratory Study of Using Astrology on Audition
Authors: 鄭煒民
Cheng, Wei-Min
Ding, Cherng
Keywords: 占星術;相位;行星;星座;astrology;aspect;planet;zodiac sign
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究提供一個預測方法,讓我們得以從古代占星術的架構上,對明星選角進行預測研究。將透過維基百科或各類明星網站來收集公開明星生日資料,再利用因素分析與羅吉斯迴歸來進行預測,結果證實所提出之方法預測效果佳且具可行性。 有鑑於國內相關研究之缺乏,本研究同時提出各種後續研究方向,並逐一說明可深入研究之細節,希望透過拋磚引玉之方式,讓更多有志於占星大數據之研究同好,得以共享目前之研究成果,並快速朝各類實務應用研究開枝散葉。 本研究亦能應用於其他與個人特質相關的預測情境,並且跳脫出傳統占星術之既有框架,以數據導向之科學方式,對所欲觀察之應用情境加以分析,並且根據相關的數據呈現結果,進行後續的占星學相位探討,以深入了解其所以然。
This study uses a traditional astrology framework on audition which offers a method of prediction. We collect celebrities’ birthday through Wikipedia or all kinds of star websites. We use factor analysis and Logistic regression as the method of prediction. The results show that this method is effective and practical. Since we do not have related research in our country, this study brings out many kinds of following research topics and expresses its research details. We hope this study becomes the initiate of the big data study of astrology by sharing the result of this study and which could speed up the application of this field. This study could implicate in other personality related prediction as well. Since it jump out of the box of traditional astrology studies, which use data-driven scientific method to analysis the applying situation and use data to imply the results. It is very useful for further aspect studies.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463713
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