Title: 探討知覺公平對顧客忠誠之影響: 比較營收型常客計畫與哩程型常客計畫
The Effect of Perceived Justice on Customer Loyalty: The Contrast between the Mileage-based and Revenue-based Frequent Flyer Programs
Authors: 林彥吟
Lin, Yen-Yin
Huang, Kuan-Cheng
Lu, Ming-Ying
Keywords: 營收管理;哩程酬賓計畫;知覺公平;顧客知覺價值;顧客滿意度;顧客忠誠度;結構方程模式;Revenue Management;Frequent Flyer Program (FFP);Justice Perceptions;Customer Perceived Value;Customer Satisfaction;Customer Loyalty;Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 航空客運市場競爭激烈,公司為了提高營收與獲利會使用營收管理手段。在短期策略上,為了提高乘載率,業者會使用差別訂價策略;長期策略上,為了鞏固顧客忠誠度,業者會制訂哩程酬賓計畫。近年來,有別於傳統的哩程累積制,部分美國航空業業者將其哩程酬賓計畫改制為票價累積制。本研究主旨為探討哩程累積制與票價累積制之知覺公平、顧客知覺價值及顧客滿意度對其顧客忠誠度之影響關係,並依相關文獻建立研究模式架構,內容是針對出境旅客進行問卷調查,並藉由結構方程模式(Structural Equation Modelling, SEM)進行模型驗證。本研究使用兩個競爭模型比較原始假設模型,從結果中發現哩程累積制和票價累積制適配之模型不同。由於哩程累積制係使用飛行哩程數計算,故顧客對於所付出之票價及累積到的獎勵哩程數較無概念,因此將知覺公平之構面除去後模型較能適配。而票價累積制較著重票價的付出能累積得到之獎勵哩程數,故以原始假設模型較適配。最後,本研究將依據分析結果進行管理意涵的討論,並提出後續研究建議。
With the great competition in airline industry, airlnes have been focusing on the strategies of revenue management in order to increase its profit. In the short term, airlines will use price discrimination. In the long term, airlines will construct the Frequent Flyer Programs (FFPs). Recently, some airlines in America have changed its distance-based Frequent Flyer Program into revenue-based program. The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of justice perceptions, customer perceived value and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. Also, this study finds out the different effects between the two programs. According to the literature review, the Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) is conducted to evaluate the above issue. By means of questionnaire, the data are collected from the departing passengers in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Several competing theories are also presented and compared to our research model. Since passengers are not familiar with the relationship between ticket price and reward miles, the competing model one is suitable for distance-based program. Thus, the research model is suitable for revenue-based program. Finally, this study mentioned some managerial implications are implied by the research results, and it may offered some suggestions to future researches.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453203
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