Title: 記憶體IC設計產業特性與IPO效益分析-以D公司為例
The Characteristics of Memory-IC Design Industry and an Analysis of Performance after Initial Public Offerings - A Case Study of D Company
Authors: 王怡文
Wang, Yi-Wen
Chung, Huimin
Hsieh, Wen-Liang
Keywords: NAND Flash;半導體產業;IC設計;IPO;NAND Flash;Semiconductor industry;IC design;IPO
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 文字與圖像記錄是人類從古自今不變的需求,自古以石板、竹簡、紙張、膠卷底片、磁碟片、CD記載,至今的硬碟機、隨身碟、SD卡及固態式硬碟。伴隨物聯網的蓬勃發展,資訊量的爆發開啟大數據時代,再再顯示資料的儲存裝載需求源源不絕,從個人電子文件、相片、音樂MP3、電影,到公司ERP資料、研發數據、歷史沿革、營運績效分析,未來的穿戴式裝置、人工智慧、無人車、無人飛機,記錄需求充斥在每一個人的生活周遭中,大量的日常需求帶動了記憶體產業的迅速發展。 本論文以個案研究方法探討記憶體控制晶片設計公司之特性及企業IPO後效益,透過各個案公司了解記憶體產業特性帶來之影響性及衍生之因應方法,以及個案公司IPO後經營績效變化、同業財務比率比較、董監事持股變動情形,藉以洞悉記憶體控制晶片設計公司特殊之處。
Text and image recording is the constant demand of human beings since ancient times, include slate, bamboo, paper, film, disc, CD, so far the hard drive, flash drive, SD card and SSD. With the rapid development of Internet of Things, the outbreak of information to open the era of Big data, and then show the information storage load demand endless, from personal electronic files, photos, music MP3, movies, to the enterprise of ERP data, research and development data, history , Operational performance analysis, future wearable devices, artificial intelligence, unmanned vehicles, unmanned aircraft, record demand is filled in every person's life around a large number of daily demand led to the rapid development of the memory industry. This paper explores the characteristics of the Flash memory controller design company and the efficiency of the IPO. Through the case companies' understanding of the influence and the derivative method of the memory industry characteristics and the change of the business performance after the IPO, compared with the financial ratio of the same industry, the directors and supervisors changed the shareholding situation, so as to gain insight into the special aspects of the memory control chip design company.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463903
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