Title: 牛樟芝產業市場的發展現況與未來-以國鼎生技為例
The current development and future perspectives of Antrodia cinnamomea - A case study of GoldenBiotech
Authors: 柯立偉
Keywords: 牛樟芝市場;市場行銷;個案研究法;Antrodia Cinnamomea;Marketing;Case Study
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract:   本研究選擇牛樟芝產業作為主要的研究對象,透過個案研究法深入分析牛樟芝市場的發展現況與未來。經過整理將牛樟芝產業市場分成台灣與中國進行討論,並且描述雙邊市場所面臨的問題與未來發展可能性。   本研究結果發現牛樟芝的台灣市場主要面臨三項爭議,分別為毒性爭議、測試劑量爭議以及食用劑量爭議。而目前僅有毒性爭議有相關的解決方案,剩下兩種劑量相關的爭議尚無解決的措施,而此三項爭議便是造成台灣牛樟芝展業市場發展受限的主要原因。   而在中國市場的部分,牛樟芝市場的發展主要受限於當地的法規與產品定位。而近年來隨著中國市場規定的轉變,牛樟芝市場未來可望有良好的發展空間。   本研究最後建議,相關廠商未來在制定牛樟芝產品行銷策略時,可以考慮如何解決消費者來自於對上述三項爭議的不安。除了有助於產品良好形象的建立外,也能避免造成與消費者間不必要的爭議。而在中國市場的部分,未來隨著市場更加開放與制度完善,牛樟芝產品在中國的銷售將能更加順利,因此牛樟芝產業在中國市場的發展前景令人期待。
This research is focus on the market of Antrodia cinnamomea and use case study as a mainly research way. By collecting and analyzing data, we distinguish the whole data from Taiwan and China. Describe the problems that both market face and the opportunities of the market. Our results find that the market in Taiwan faces three main arguments: poison, test and eat dose. Only the poison problem has the solution. Both test and eat dose have no acceptable way to solve. These arguments are the primary reason that the market of Antrodia cinnamomea in Taiwan is limited. In China, the market is limited by the law and product position. As the changing of China’s law, the growth of the future market is expectable. Our findings suggest that when a firm wants to set up their product strategy about Antrodia cinnamomea, they can consider how to solve the arguments that exists in the market of Taiwan. Not only to build up a well brand image but to avoid unnecessary disputes. In China, on the other hand, as the market becoming more open and completed, the product would be acceptable more easily, so the growth of the future market is expectable.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463069
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