Title: 台灣先進敷料公司競爭策略之研究
Study and Research of Competitive Strategy for Taiwanese Companies in the Advanced Wound Dressing Market- A Case Study of Company C
Authors: 張曾隆
Keywords: 醫材產業;SWOT分析;競爭策略;專家訪談;企業經營;傷口敷料;Medical Industry;SWOT Analysis;Competitive Strategy;Corporate Management;Wound Dressing
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨醫學科技的進展,人類對於疾病預防及傷口醫療照護的觀念日漸重視。對於創傷照護的需求,也由單純提供傷口保護,提升至如何避免患者感染、舒緩傷口疼痛及增加傷口癒合等多方位訴求。醫療產業的蓬勃發展,促使大量的傷照產品問世;而商品開發的活絡,亦暗示著市場競爭日漸白熱化。如何在眾多新式產品中脫穎而出,除考驗研發團隊之創新實力外,真實的市場需求判定、積極式的行銷策略、完整的醫材、及企業營運計畫等,皆為不可或缺之重要因素。作者身為一醫材及能源相關企業之專業經理人,為制定切合的市場攻擊策略及營運模式,針對我司敷料產品進行一系列專家訪談與問卷調查,由專家之專業經驗與市場熟悉度,提供我司在產品定位、行銷策略、功能改進之重要資訊。作者也將以此專家訪談所獲得之資訊為基礎,進行整合式研究,提出對於醫材相關企業經營與進行專案開發之作戰策略。
Along with the advancement in medical technology, people are focusing more than ever on disease prevention and wound care. Demand for would care is growing. Traditional approach that simply offers wound protection can no longer satisfy the market. Instead, dynamic appeals that including but not limited to infection prevention, pain relief and accelerated healing in terms of wound caring is what the market is looking for. Consequently, wound care market is becoming an incredibly diverse and highly competitive territory. A wide variety of products and application emerge. To stay technologically and financially competitive in the market, there are indispensable elements for the companies in would care to possess. Stay technologically innovative, conduct thorough market assessment, proactive marketing strategy , sound business plan should all exist. Author is the CEO for company engaging in medical devices and green energy materials. To pinpoint the frontal attack marketing strategy and business plan, the author not only conducted a series of case studies but also has collected vital information through interviews and questionnaires with professionals specialized in the wound care filed. Aspects established base on precious experience and market familiarity from these professionals have contributed tremendous insights in product positioning, marketing and functionality. To further incorporate above-mentioned perspectives into applicable business practices , author has formulated an integrated business strategy for business management in medical devices industry.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463061
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