Title: 自製飛行時間質譜儀進行自動化的 共振增強多光子離子化光譜和時間解析光譜實驗
Using a homemade time of flight spectrometry to automatically implement resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization spectroscopy and time-resolved spectroscopy experiments
Authors: 潘宣元
Pan, Hsuan-Yuan
Tseng, Chien-Ming
Keywords: 飛行時間式質譜儀;共振增強多光子游離;激發-探測;TOFMS;REMPI;Pump-probe;LabVIEW
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本篇論文可分為三個部份,分別為自製飛行時間質譜儀硬體建構、使用LabVIEW 建立自動化程式,以及使用自製飛行時間質譜儀進行REMPI 以及Pump-probe 的測試。 首先是建構一台自製飛行時間質譜儀,並且加入修正組件使質譜儀解析度可以提升,建構過程是使用Solidworks 於電腦內模擬組裝以及工程圖繪製,避免造成儀器實體之的組件衝突。 第二部分是使用LabVIEW 軟體,編寫示波器、積分器、皮秒脈衝雷射以及電控移動平台之間的通訊,該自動控制程式可以選擇REMPI 模式或Pump-probe 模式來執行實驗迴圈,以及監控各項儀器的狀態,此自動化整合程式可以大幅縮短實驗進行所需要的人力以及時間。 第三部份是應用REMPI 以及Pump-probe 技術,搭配自製飛行時間質譜儀以及自動化整合軟體,使用苯酚作為REMPI 的測試樣品,而Pump-probe 實驗則是使用苯胺做為測試樣品。
This thesis is consist of three main parts: 1.Bulid up a homemade time of flight (TOF) spectrometry. 2. Use abVIEW software to establish an automatic program. 3.Use the above instruments to measure the resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI) and pump-probe experiments. Part I: Build up a homemade TOF spectrometry with some special modules to improve the mass spectrometry resolution. By using Solidworks (a 3D CAD software) to simulate the process before assembly, we can prevent the instrument from interfering each other during assembly process. Part II: Use the LabVIEW software to code the automatic program to communicate the oscillator, laser, boxcar averager, and motorize translation stage. The automatic program can not only choose the mode between REMPI mode and pump-probe mode to execute the code but also monitor every instruments status. This automatic program can significantly shorten the time and reduce the manpower required to carry out the experiment. Part III: Applicate REMPI and pump-probe spectrum technique, with a homemade TOF spectrometry and automation integration program. We can get the REMPI spectrum of phenol, and the pump-probe spectrum of aniline.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070152541
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