Title: 日光調控太陽能免追日系統設計於植物工廠之應用
Design of a Daylight-control Non-tracking Solar System Applied to Plant Factory
Authors: 蔡仁華
Tsai, Jen-Hua
Chen, Cheng-Huan
Keywords: 日光調控;太陽能;追日;系統設計;植物工廠;solar system;non-tracking solar system;plant factory;daylight-control
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract:   農電共享,農地多重利用,汙染不留子孫。   農地建置太陽能板,棚下日照不足,不利作物生長,影響農地農用。且因為新農業政策-農地農用,要求農業大棚至少須達70%之農業利用率,尋求能源政策與農業政策兩全之技術解決方案。此研究欲設計光學系統使農電共生得以實現,將照射在植物區域多餘的日照能量轉至太陽能板上以利發電,使農民更多元地利用土地,多一份經濟保障且適度提高農民收益。   本研究設計光學系統架構且探討其在全年中各時間點之光學效率,並針對直射光進行效率評估、最佳化。利用菲涅爾透鏡的聚光特性改變直射光之行徑,並利用反射鏡輔佐光線反射至太陽能板以達到發電之用途;若遇室內光照不足,則更動反射鏡之角度可使得原先入射至太陽能板上之光線進入植物區域,供給植物進行光合作用。
With agricultural lands utilized diversely, there would be no pollution left for our offspring. Agricultural lands, with solar panels built over them, will lack for the sunshine which affects the growth of crops below those panels, thereby influencing the operation of farms. Moreover, due to the government’s latest regulation, agricultural lands were demanded to reach at least seventy percent of the utilization rate of agricultural land. This urged us to discover a brand new solution for both the energy policies and agricultural policies. This research was related to designing an optical system to realize a situation where we are capable of transferring the energy, which is redundant to the crops since they have had enough illumination, to solar panels generating electricity, therefore enabling farmers to exploit their lands in a more economical way. A designed optical system was discussed about its optical performance at a different time in a year, and optimized in a condition where direct rays were taken into consideration. Making use of Fresnel lenses, we could alter the directions of direct rays. Furthermore, generating electricity of solar panels was achieved by putting several mirrors into use. With mirrors controlled properly, we could decide whether crops would be shined or not and make the whole system perform in the way we want.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070450506
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