Title: 台灣生技產業的開放式創新及策略聯盟
Open Innovation and Strategic Alliance in Taiwan Biotechnology Industry
Authors: 阮氏紅雲
Nguyen, Thi Hong Van
Tsai, Diana HweiAn
Keywords: 開放創新;戰略聯盟;生物晶片技術;生物技術;Open Innovation;Strategic Alliance;BioICT;Biotechnology
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隔離不是企業可以創新的方式;企業需要供應商,客戶,競爭對手的關係網絡,更廣泛地與價值鏈中的其他合作夥伴進行合作。成本高昂的研發創新和智慧產權進一步增強了建立利用其他企業優勢戰略聯盟的趨勢。(Chesbrough,H.,2003)。 高技術產業是台灣經濟命脈,但目前面臨不可預見的不穩定性,新重點產業將被需求迅速的將台灣帶到第二次經濟”奇蹟”。本文提出了生物科技新創公司與國際企業間開放式創新與戰略聯盟的應用,以推動台灣藥物發現和藥物開發進程蓬勃發展。更重要的是,生物晶片技術,結合長期以來台灣具競爭優勢的新興生物技術產業和信息通信技術,希望幫助台灣成為生物晶片技術領域的領先。
Isolation is not the way that a firm can innovate; they need the networks of suppliers, customers, competitors and more broadly, cooperation with other partners in the value chain. Costly R&D innovation and Intellectual Property Rights further enhances the trends to setup strategic alliance to utilize other firms’ strengths. (Chesbrough, H., 2003). Currently, while high technological industries are the bones of Taiwan economy but they are facing unforeseeable instabilities, new key industry would be required to quickly bring Taiwan to its second “miracle”. This paper suggests the application of open innovation and strategic alliances between biotech startups and international corporations to boost Taiwan drug discovery and drug development processes to flourish. More importantly, BioICT, the combination of Taiwan emerging Biotechnology industry and Information Communication Technology, which has been for long Taiwan’s competitive advantages is expected to help the island excel and become leading player in the field.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453021
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