Title: NCI 頭戴式中風偵測帽_商業計畫書 以美國市場為例
Neuro Cap Imaging (NCI) A Business Plan of Medical Device for US Market
Authors: 鄭文欣
Cheng, Wen-Shin
Tsai, Hwei-An
Keywords: 腦中風;EIT;商業模式;營運計畫;專利佈局;stroke;EIT;business model;business plan;patent portfolio
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 高齡化社會的來臨,中風發生的機率也逐年增加,根據世界衛生組織(World Health Organization)指出心血管疾病佔全球總死亡人數約三分之一,每年造成全球約1,710萬人死亡,其中43.2%患者死於心臟病(約739萬人),39%患者死於中風(約667萬人),使得中風成為人類第二大死亡原因,僅次於心臟病,估計到2030年,全球中風人數將會比現在多一倍。 根據The Lancet醫學期刊公布的兩項研究,2030年中風引發的死亡、行動不便及病倒案例可能倍增,且中風人口也將年輕化。據研究指出,過去20年來,20到64歲的中風人口將增加至31%。其中包括67%腦梗塞、14%腦出血、4%蜘蛛網膜下腔出血及15%未被辨識的中風類型。然而在腦中風的診治中有黃金三小時的施藥時間,若病患未及時受到正確的處置,將可能錯失康復良機。 此商業計畫將以美國市場之推行為主,結合在GMBA所學及拜訪相關業界人士所給予的相關建議,規劃出可行之商業規劃用於Neuro Cap Imaging (NCI),此產品目前已有相關專利及設計原型,希望能夠藉由此商業計畫書使得新型中風偵測技術在市場上的使用更加拓展,以為醫療同仁、病患及家屬爭取更多黃金三小時內診治腦中風的機會。此產品將結合救護車及偏遠地區診所等醫療系統、即時偵測等技術,縮短腦中風偵測時間,以利於在偏遠地區或是人口密集度低的地方如: 歐洲、美國、中國等需求協助地區的中風病患爭取時間,並為醫生爭取開立治療中風處方的時間。
The incidence of stroke has increased dramatically year by year. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease caused about one-third of the total global deaths (17.1 million worldwide), of which 43.2% is heart disease (about 7.39 million), 39% is stroke (about 6.67 million people), making stroke become the second most severe cause of death, behind heart disease. The estimation for global stroke will be doubled in 2030. According to the two studies published by The Lancet Medical Journal, the 2030 stroke-induced death, inconvenience and sickness cases may be multiplied, and the age of stroke patients will be younger. According to the study, over the past 20 years, the number of stroke patients age between 20 to 64 years old increased to 31%, of which 67% was cerebral infarction, 14% was cerebral hemorrhage, 4% was subarachnoid hemorrhage and others was unrecognized stroke types. However, in the golden first three hours of diagnosis, if the patient is not properly treated, he would probably miss the opportunity for rehabilitation. This business plan is implemented in the US as our main target market. Combining with relevant recommendations form industrial experts through a viable business plan for Neuro Cap Imaging (NCI), this product has already had patent right and prototype. It will be equipped in ambulances, remote areas clinics, and other medical systems. By using real-time detection and other technologies to shorten the stroke detection time in order to facilitate in remote areas or low-density population, such as: Europe, the United States, China, patients may have more opportunities to be diagnosed and treated correctly within three hours.
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