Title: FASIC: 在軟體定義網路中具有 快速修復及適應性延展特性的頻內控制平面設計
FASIC: A Fast-recovery, Adaptively Spanning In-band Control Plane in Software-Defined Network
Authors: 蘇于倫
Su, Yu-Lun
Wen, Hung-Pin
Keywords: 軟體定義網路;控制平面;頻內控制;Software-Defined Network;Control Plane;In-band Control
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 為了使軟體定義網路可靠地運行,網路的控制平面必須要保持穩定以確保封包路由及轉送的正確性。對頻內(In-band)控制而言,網路控制訊號流經與資料平面相同的網路,而沒有一個專屬控制平面的網路,因此,資料平面的網路錯誤可能會使交換機被隔離於控制平面之外,並導致錯誤的封包轉送。在本篇論文中,我們設計了FASIC 控制平面,FASIC 能夠以自治化的方式初始化控制網路,並能藉由控制線路切換來適應性地延展網路的控制平面。我們利用開源的Open vSwitch、OpenDayLight OVSDB Integration 及Floodlight controller來展示FASIC 是一項可行的頻內控制平面設計方案。實驗結果顯示,和標準Open vSwitch 相比,FASIC 在硬性斷線的情況下能減少87.83%的控制平面斷線時間; 在壅塞後斷線的情況下能達到零斷線時間,即預防性的控制線路切換能在高負載的狀態下避免控制線路斷線。
To operate a reliable SDN network, the control plane should be robust in order to guarantee the correctness of traffic forwarding. For in-band control, the control traffic flows along with the data plane without a dedicated control network. Thus, the failure of data plane may isolate the switches from control plane and lead to erroneous forwarding behavior. In this paper, we design a control plane, FASIC, which can bootstrap the control network in an autonomous manner and adaptively span the control plane with the control-link switching mechanism. By implementing our design with Open vSwitch (OVS), OpenDayLight OVSDB Integration (ODL-OVSDB) and Floodlight controller, we demonstrate that FASIC is an in-band control solution which is feasible under support of the available SDN and OpenFlow resources. Compared with standard OVS, the experimental result shows that FASIC reduces 87.83% of control plane downtime under hard link failure and incurs zero downtime under congestion. The preemptive control-link switching can prevent the control-link failure when it suffers from heavy traffic load.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070480701
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