Title: 消費者對線上訂房網站之選擇因素探討
An investigation of factors affecting consumers intentions toward online hotel booking websites
Authors: 林庭郁
Lin, Ting-Yu
Shieh, Hwai-Shuh
Keywords: 線上訂房;線上搜尋意願;線上購買意願;購買涉入;網路口碑依賴性;過去網路訂房經驗;Online Hotel Booking;Online Search Intention;Online Purchase Intention;Purchase Involvement;Susceptibility to eWOM;Past Online Hotel Booking Experience
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 有鑒於近來越來越多消費者傾向在線上訂房網站搜尋和預訂住宿,本研究認為充 分瞭解消費者選擇線上訂房網站之因素,變得格外重要。本研究旨在探究哪些因素會 影響消費者在線上訂房網站上的搜尋意願與購買意願,並欲探查線上搜尋意願與線上 消費意願之間的關係。除此之外,在消費的過程中,可能受到消費者個人特質的影響, 因此本研究將消費者的購買涉入程度、網路口碑依賴性與過去網路訂房經驗視為干擾 變項,並進一步針對其角色進行分析。 本研究使用結構方程式模型進行假說檢驗,以 SAS為分析工具。透過建立模型, 並進行量化研究,回收317份有效問卷而得到研究結果。研究結果顯示網站因素與產 品因素對消費者線上搜尋意願和線上購買意願皆有正向且顯著的影響。另外,研究也 證實線上搜尋意願與線上購買意願之間存在正向關係。然而,關於購買涉入、網路口 碑依賴性與過去網路訂房經驗之干擾角色無法於本研究中獲得實證之支持。不過本研 究發現線上搜尋意願之中介角色,在網站因素與線上購買意願之間呈部分中介,而在 產品因素與線上購買意願之間呈完全中介。本文並於最後提出研究意涵與後續研究的 方向。
When there are more and more online hotel bookers, it is important to know why they prefer one online booking channel among others. An online purchase intention model toward online hotel booking websites was proposed and verified by a quantitative questionnaire survey, aiming to have a better understanding of the channel selecting criteria. This study reveals what factors will affect online hotel bookers and take a look at the relationship between online search intention and online purchase intention. The study also wants to examine the role of moderators in the model, since the consumer characteristics may affect their purchasing process. As the result, the study takes purchase involvement, susceptibility to eWOM and past online hotel booking experience into account as moderators. Structural Equation Model (SEM) was conducted to assess the hypotheses and the result indicates that intentions to search and purchase via online hotel booking websites are determined by both product related factors and website related factors. Moreover, there is a positive relationship between online search intention and online purchase intention. However, the study fails to testify the moderation effects. Nevertheless, the study discovers the role of online search intention as a mediator, demonstrating partial mediation between website factors and online purchase intention and full mediation between product factors and online purchase intention. The theoretical contributions of this study and the practical implications are discussed and future research directions are detailed.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453707
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