Title: 台灣外籍勞工人數之趨勢分析
A Trend Analysis of the Foreign Workers in Taiwan
Authors: 李安禮
Li, An-Li
Hu, Jin-Li
Keywords: 外籍勞工;人口分析;產業勞動力分佈;Foreign Labor;Trend Analysis;Industrial Distribution of Foreign labor
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 根據勞動部統計,台灣外籍移工的人數從西元2009年的三十五萬人至2016年底已突破六十萬大關,在短短的7年間爆量增長了將近三十萬人,其中以產業性外籍移工成長最遽。本研究針對台灣外籍移工主要輸出國,採用趨勢分析法分析從2002到2016年印尼、越南、泰國及菲律賓移工在台灣的工作人數。外籍移工總人數方面,印尼、越南與菲律賓皆上升趨勢,唯獨泰國逐年下降;在社福移工方面,印尼社福移工在平均佔社福移工總人數最高,其比例約為60.67%,越南佔比約為20.56%,菲律賓佔比約為15.67%,泰國佔比約為1.09%,該產業內以看護工人數為最高,其15年內平均佔比為98.23%;產業移工方面,泰國產業移工在15年內平均佔產業移工總人數最高,其比例約為36.71%,越南佔比約為24.79%,菲律賓佔比約為28.39%,印尼佔比約為10.11%,且在該產業內以製造業人數為最高,其15年內平均佔比為93.19%。 政府對於外籍移工之政策為其人數消長之主要原因,且在政府外籍移工政策持續放寬的情勢之下,未來外籍移工在台人數持續增加的趨勢是具有高度的可能性。政府應在制定外籍移工相關政策時慎重考慮,避免政策出現治標不治本的狀況,並檢視該政策對移工以及本勞之權益是否有互相牴觸之虞,並同時顧及台灣與該四國在外交關係上的穩健性。
According to the statistics of the Ministry of Labor, the number of the foreign in 2009 was three hundred and fifty thousand approximately. In the end of 2016, the number of foreign labor in Taiwan even passed over six hundred, which means that the number of foreign workers increased by nearly three hundred thousand in the past seven years, especially the Industrial foreign labor grew the most. This study is focusing on the number of foreign workers from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines which are the major labor-sending countries of Taiwan based on the trend analysis method during the interval from 2002 to 2016. In terms of the total number of foreign labor, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are on the rise, except that Thailand has declined year by year. In terms of social welfare industry, Indonesia's social welfare workers have the highest share of 60.67% in average, Vietnam accounted for about 20.56%, the Philippines accounted for about 15.67% and Thailand accounted for about 1.09%; in this category, nursing workers took 98.23% in average which is highest share in 15 years. In terms of industrial labor, Thailand's industrial workers took the highest share in 15 years which is 36.71% of, the total number industrial labor in average, Vietnam accounted for about 24.79%, the Philippines accounted for about 28.39%, Indonesia accounted for about 10.11%; in this category, manufacturing industry took the highest share of 93.19% within 15 years in average. The government's policy on foreign labor is the main reason for the waning and waxing of its population, and the possibility of the foreign workers’ population keep expanding in the near future is high owing to the loosening of the foreign labor policy. The government should consider the policy of foreign workers carefully, they need to avoid making the policy which can only be used on solving the problem temporarily instead of figuring out the perfect answer to the root of the problem, and examine the policy if there is an interest contradiction between the foreign and domestic labor, meanwhile, the stability of diplomatic relations among Taiwan and the four countries should be taken into account.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453004
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