Title: 選擇的多寡對贊助之影響-以專案類型為調節變數
The interaction of number of options and different project types on crowdfunding sponsorship
Authors: 詹國廷
Keywords: 選擇多寡;雙重歷程模式;選擇超載;群眾募資;Number of choice;Dual process models;Choice overload;Crowdfunding
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本論文探討在不同的群眾募資專案下,提供可選擇的回饋選項的數量對於贊助金額與贊助意願的影響。 過去文獻指出,有時過多的選擇則會造成選擇的動機減少,甚至不做出任何選擇。但在選擇的多寡上過去學者也有不同的看法,過去文獻指當出選擇項目多時可以減少搜尋更多選項的成本與比較選項的品質分布,且對自己的選擇更有信心、更有保險的感覺。當消費者在客製化商品時,若提供的設計界面所提供的選擇過少、自由度較小,較難達到消費者本身的喜好。在選擇多寡的建議各有學者支持,而本論文推測選擇的多寡好壞應依情況而定。 本實驗將群眾募資分為商業型群眾募資與慈善型群眾募資。藉由不同類型的募資專案,引起不同的思考模式(感性/理性),再利用不同的數量的回饋選項的操弄,觀察受試者的贊助意願與贊助金額。 本研究顯示,在商業的群眾募資應提供較多的回饋選項,相較於回饋選項較少的購買意願較高。而在慈善的群眾募資應提供較少的回饋選項,相較於回饋選項較多的購買意願較高。
This research explores the impact of the number of option on the amount of sponsorship and also the willingness to sponsor under different projects. Previous research pointed out that sometimes too many options would decrease the motivation to choose, or even eliminate the motivation to choose . But there are different views under the research of option, the literature pointed out that if the option is diversified, it will reduce the cost of searching for more options, and then the consumers will feel more confident about their decision. When consumers in the customization of goods, if the design of interface provided by the choice is too little, or less free, it will be too difficult for consumers to achieve the preferences. When it comes to the choice, both aspect of the opinions have their own supporters, and this research speculated that the option of the number should be more or less depends on the situation. The experiment divided crowdfunding project into commercial fundraising and charitable fundraising, with different choice of the number to observe the sponsor's willingness to sponsor and real sponsorships. This result shows that in the commercial project, we should provide more choice of the option and in the charitable project, we should provide less choice of the option for customers
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453118
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