Title: 一帶一路的發展對台灣國際承攬業
Effects and Opportunities of One Belt One Road Policy on Taiwan’s Forwarder
Authors: 蔣懷德
Chiang, Huai-Te
Chen, Mu-Chen
Keywords: 一帶一路;國際承攬業;質性研究;深度訪談;One Belt One Road;International Forwarders;Qualitative research;In-depth interview
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 「一帶一路」發展構想甫一問世,就成為當前世界最具影響力、最有操作前景的發展戰略理論,成為以中國為中心和沿線國家共同發展的共同地緣經濟財富和推動經濟全球化向前發展的重大理論創新,這同樣是空前和罕見的。 新亞歐大陸橋打開了西太平洋與東大西洋的鐵路通道,21世紀海上絲綢之路更把南亞與南太平洋拉進規劃,建設與強化了沿線的軸心港口設施,讓亞洲與歐洲間的海運開啟了全新生態;政策相通、設施聯通、貿易暢通、資金融通、民心相通,這五個一帶一路的主軸,讓全球45億人口(比重60%),一致響應參與。 本論文將探討一帶一路發展中對貿易的影響而創造出國際物流業的全新運作模式中,台灣業者的角色與可行性方案,利用質性研究中的深度專家訪談,將產、官、學三方面專家的想法與經驗加以整合,深度分析出的結論期望能帶給台灣國際物流業與台灣政府在政策與執行面上有著更適當且正確的方向與決策,讓台灣國際物流業創造出全新的價值。
The development of "The Belt and Road" as soon as he came, has become the world's most influential and most promising operation development strategy theory, in order to become China as the center and the common development of countries along the common geopolitical economic wealth and promote economic globalization development of major theoretical innovation, which is also unprecedented and rare. The new Eurasian Continental Bridge opened the railway corridor of West Pacific and east the Atlantic, twenty-first Century maritime silk road the South and South Pacific in planning, construction and strengthen the port facilities along the axis, so that between Asia and Europe by sea to open a new ecological policy; facilities are interlinked, Unicom, trade flow, financing, people connected to the five main The Belt and Road, let 4 billion 500 million of the global population (proportion 60%), consistent in response. This thesis will explore the impact on trade The Belt and Road development and create a new mode of operation of the international logistics industry, the role and feasibility of Taiwan industry, the depth of experts in qualitative research interviews, will produce the official, three experts in ideas and experiences to be integrated, in-depth analysis of the conclusion the expectation can bring Taiwan international logistics industry and the government of Taiwan in the implementation of policy and on the surface of a more appropriate and correct direction and decision, let Taiwan international logistics industry to create new value.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463622
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