Title: 具備光柵結構在矽覆絕緣基板之面射型雷射設計
Design of a hybrid surface-emitting laser with grating structure on SOI substrate
Authors: 黃仁宏
Huang, Jen-Hung
Lin, Chien-chung
Keywords: 垂直共振腔雷射;矽光子學;高對比折射光柵;VCSEL;silicon photonics;high-contrast grating
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本文提出一面射型雷射,它包含高對比度光柵反射鏡、光學增益在1.31微米的InGaAsP量子井主動層,以及二氧化矽與二氧化鈦交錯之布拉格反射鏡。通過Matlab®平台,調整BCB和N-InP層的厚度可以理論性地得到小的閾值增益。為了增加側向耦合使之應用在積體光路中,我們改變原先的面射型雷射結構,包括改變側邊的光柵週期或用波導代替。使用COMSOL®平台,光柵與矽波導的混合式結構可以傳遞光子在波導中和維持小的閾值增益。我們也在矽基板和三五族晶片的非直接鍵合進行相關的製程研究
In the article, we propose the VCSEL consisting of the HCG mirror, an active layer with InGaAsP quantum wells having optical gain around 1.31 μm and a 〖TiO〗_2/〖SiO〗_2 DBR. By using Matlab® as the platform, small threshold gain can be theoretically gotten by adjusting the thickness of BCB layer and N-InP layer. For the purpose of increasing the lateral (or sideway) coupling to be applied in photonic integrated circuit, we change sideway grating to another period grating or waveguide replaced. By using COMSOL® as the platform, the hybrid structure including grating and waveguide can propagate photons in waveguide and maintain low threshold gain simultaneously. We also do research in indirect bonding of III-V wafers on Si substrate.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070258219
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