Title: 運用數據科學技術發展行銷分析之研究 -以辦公設備巿場為例
Marketing Analytics and Data Science : An Empirical Study of Office Equipment Market
Authors: 樊溫聖
Keywords: 資料分析;行銷分析;顧客關係管理;顧客價值;RFM模型;K-means分群法;Data Analytics;Marketing Analytics;CRM;Customer Value;RFM model;K-means clustering
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 在現今資料量呈多元且倍數成長的時代中,企業經營者的決策依據,若僅依靠過往的經驗來做判斷,對於策略執行的成敗,是相當具有風險的。故若可採行運用資料分析企業資料庫後之結果,再借重行銷分析(Market Analytics)後之建議,做為企業策略制定之依據,或可協助企業經營更加穩健且具有效率。而本研究也採用四種不同的分析技術,獲得由資料庫而來之數據並將企業客戶做充分的分群處理,而最後也將所得之數據,做出適當的行銷分析供企業日後發展行銷策略之參考。
In an era when information comes in a variety of forms and grows exponentially, making corporate decisions based on only past experiences could be highly risky to success of its result. Therefore, studies had shown how corporate management could be more effective and efficient when combining data analytics on valuable date from corporate database and build execution plan through marketing analytics. This study has used four different technics of data analytics to extract customers related data from company A of Taiwan office equipment market. After grouping the customers into proper clusters, the study provides marketing analytics to each clusters and hopefully a reference to other vendors to use marketing analytics and data science as tools of building corporate strategies.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463708
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