Title: 轉換型領導、魅力型領導、組織資本與社會資本-- 多層次之研究
The relationships among transformational leadership, charismatic leadership, social capital and organizational capital: A Multi-level Study
Authors: 侯伽璋
Hou, Jia-Jhang
Kao, Kuo-Yang
Keywords: 轉型領導;組織資本;智慧資本;社會資本;階層線性模式;魅力領導;transformational leadership;intellectual capital;organizational capital;social capital;hierarchical linear modeling;charismatic leadership
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著科技產業的日益變化,員工行為在組織績效和組織發展發揮著關鍵作用。 過去的研究結果顯示,智慧資本與組織績效有相當大的關聯性。 因此,了解哪些因素會影響智慧資本的累積是至關重要的。而本研究的目的是探討組織層次中轉型領導和魅力領導與員工層次中的智慧資本的關係。 問卷結果包括35名部門主管和153名員工。本研究應用HLM分析來檢驗假設。本研究結果發現轉型領導對社會資本和組織資本都有顯著的相關。本研究最後討論了研究結果的理論和實務意涵。
With an increasingly change in the electronics Industry and technology Industry, employee behaviors play a critical role in organizational performance and organizational success. The accumulated empirical evidences demonstrated that intellectual capital is related to increased organizational performance and organizational success. Hence, it is essential to know what employee factors can influence intellectual capital. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between leadership, including transformational leadership and charismatic leadership, and intellectual capital. The survey data included 35 sub-unit managers and 153 employees. This current study applied the HLM analysis to test the hypotheses. Results provided support for the main hypotheses: transformational leadership was found to have positive and significant effects on both social capital and organizational capital. This study concludes with a discussion of the theoretical and practical implications of findings.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453120
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