Title: 美容醫學雷射設備產業分析
An Analysis of the Aesthetic Laser Equipment Industry
Authors: 彭惠玲
Peng, Hui-Ling
Shyu, Joseph Z.
Keywords: 美容醫學雷射設備;產業組合分析;創新政策;產業創新需求要素;Aesthetic Laser Equipment;Industrial Portfolio Analysis;Innovation Policy;Industrial Innovation Resources
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究之主要架構以產業組合分析為基礎,建構醫療器材相關產業中之美容醫學雷射設備產業之競爭策略,以美容醫學雷射設備產業價值鏈與市場成長曲線為區隔變數,透過此分析區隔出美容醫學雷射設備產業之定位,並利用產業創新需求要素分析模式及產業專家之意見調查,分析歸納出發展美容醫學雷射設備產業的關鍵成功要素,提出美容醫學雷射設備設備產業未來發展的可能經營策略。 分析後結果得出,美容醫學雷射設備產業目前介於在市場成長曲線的「成長期」階段,以及產業價值鏈中的「生產製造」與「市場應用」之間;未來冀望針對市場應用端持續投入,使美容醫學雷射設備產業順利進展到市場應用的成熟期,並利用生產製造及研發的成果向市場應用的部分邁進。 為輔助美容醫學雷射設備產業成長,本研究根據產業創新需求要素與政策類型的分析結果得到,政府未來需要優先提供與加強的要素有:「產官學研的合作」、「產業鏈的垂直整合」、「具整合能力的研究單位」、「專利制度」、「技術移轉及引進制度」及「健全的資料庫系統」。
The main structure of this thesis is based on a strategic analysis of aesthetic laser equipment industry. A portfolio model is used to assess the strategic positioning entailing a 2-dimensional analysis, containing market s-curve (vertical axis) and the value chain (horizontal). The three research methods of data collections are literature review, expert interview, and general survey. Analysis results show that surgical and therapeutic equipment in the aesthetic laser equipment industry are positioned between the growing phase of the market s-curve, and also located at the area between Manufacturing and Marketing in the value chain. The future prospects should be more looking forward to the position of the market application phase, and base on the research and development results and manufacturing experience to move to the market applications phase. Evaluating the Industrial Innovation Requirements and Policy Tools leads to a conclusion that the most critical categories of policy instruments are “Support of innovation from the all Nation”, “Vertical integration of the value chain”, “Setting product standard”, “Government preference”, “Integration capability of research teams”, “Requires long-term investment and financing system and relief”. The corresponding policy instruments in support of developing IIRs are provided in the conclusion of this thesis.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463519
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