Title: 在線學習運用於4G/LTE網路流量資料辨識
Online Learning for 4G/LTE Network Traffic Data Classification
Authors: 席瑋辰
Hsi, Wei-Chen
Lu, Horng-Shing
Keywords: 監督式學習;在線學習;多類別分類;非線性模型;Supervised learning;Online-learning;Multiclass classification;non-linear model
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 透過在線學習演算法可以建立一個動態即時預測模型,而使用kernel的概念可以將線性模型轉換成非線性模型。本研究將著名的在線學習演算法Passive-Aggressive Algorithm結合kernel與Budget的概念,並透過對偶問題的結果,推導出一個可以做資源控管的非線性模型算法並將Passive-Aggressive Algorithm與本論文推倒的演算法運用於4G/LTE網路流量資料辨識的預測上。
Based on online-learning algorithm, we can create a dynamic model, and we can transform a linear predictor into a non-linear one by using kernel functions. This study derives a new non-linear online-learning algorithm by combining the famous online learning algorithm, Passive-Aggressive algorithm with kernels and conception of budget. The new algorithm creates a non-linear predictor, and manage the resources which the model used. Finally both the new algorithm and the original Passive-Aggressive algorithm are perform on the 4G LTE network traffic data.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070452603
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