Title: 生物溶液光譜探測技術之研究 與量測儀器之設計
Exploration of Probing Techniques and Design of the Instrument for Optical Spectra of Biological Solutions
Authors: 杜承翰
Tu, Cheng-Han
Su, Kuan-Wei
Keywords: 吸收光譜;螢光光譜;血液光譜;光學偵測;absorption spectrum;fluorescence spectrum;blood spectrum;optical detection
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本篇碩士論文主軸在於設計並開發一套可直接針對特定生物溶液進行吸收及螢光特性分析的光譜量測系統。根據文獻所紀錄常見生物溶液(如:花青素、葉綠素、血紅素)的光譜反應波段,我們選定一組有效且低成本的投射光源,並於自行設計的機構上完成光學系統之架設。我們進一步將此量測系統應用在檢體潛血的感測研究中。由不同體積百分濃度全血溶液的量測結果,我們可決定此量測系統的有效辨識潛血訊號的極限約為1 μg-Hb/ 1 ml-water。最後我們也針對檢體雜訊對血液感測造成的影響進行研究討論,並提出一個可有效提升潛血光譜辨識度的數據處理方法。
The main subject of this thesis focuses on designing and developing an optical spectrum measuring system that can directly analyze the absorption and fluorescence characteristics of specific biological solutions. Based on the reaction wavelengths for the optical spectra of some common biological solutions in literatures (such as anthocyanin, chlorophyll, and hemoglobin), we choose a set of effective and low-cost projecting light sources then set up the optical system on the self-designed mechanical mounts. We apply the measuring system on the research of occult blood detection. From the measured absorption spectra of whole blood solutions in different concentration by volume, the limit of the developed system to detect the occult blood can be determined to be about 1 μg-Hb/ 1 ml- water. Finally, by studying the influences of the sample background noise on the occult blood signal, we further propose a data analysis approach that could improve the resolution to recognize the occult blood spectra.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070452004
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