Title: 計程車產業指標建構設計之研究
The Study on the development of Indicators for Taxi Industry
Authors: 蔡佳倫
Tsai, Jia-Lun
Wang, Jin-Yuan
Keywords: 計程車產業指標;新式計費表;資料蒐集;主成份分析法;Taxi Performance Indicators;New Taxi Meter;Data collection;Principal components analysis
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 計程車為都市重要之副大眾運輸工具,在都市發展中扮演重要的角色。然而主管機關若要訂定出適合的計程車發展與管理政策,就必須了解計程車產業市場的營運情況。過去在了解計程車產業相關議題時,均由各公路主管機關編列經費,以定期或不定期採用抽樣方式進行營運狀況調查,以作為分析的資料來源。 計程車新式計費表已於104年11月開始陸陸續續裝機,新式計費表除了維護運價與提升計程車服務品質外(交通部,2015),該計費表所包含之資料欄位亦可以降低計程車營運狀況調查之成本並且提昇其調查結果之精確度。本研究在蒐集到計程車產業營業資料與載客資料後,結合目前政府的開放資料,發展出一套衡量計程車產業的相關指標,最後再以主成份分析法,挑選出各大類指標中之關鍵指標。管理者可以透過指標了解產業狀況,並擬定合適因應方案,以提升計程車產業的整體經營績效。
Taxi is an important paratransit and it plays an important role in a city. Before the manager of taxi industry makes policy for development and management, they should understand the situation of the industry operation. We understand the situation of taxi by survey sampling regular or irregular in the past. New taxi meters were installed all over Taiwan since 2015. New taxi meters not only improve the quality of service, but also reduce the cost of investigation and improve the accuracy of the results. After collecting the data from the meter, this study develops a series of performance indicator for taxi industry. Finally, select a key indicator from each classification using principal components analysis. Throughout these indicators managers would understand the situation of taxi industry. Then, managers could study out the improvement plan. We will improve the whole performance of taxi industry.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453617
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