Title: 航空公司入盟策略研究──以大中華區為例
A Study of the Strategy of Joining an Airlines Alliance in the Greater China Area
Authors: 李牧
Li, Mu
Chiang, Chi
Keywords: 航空聯盟;策略聯盟;個案研究;大中華區;Airlines Alliance;Strategy Alliance;Case Study;Greater China Area
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年來,大中華區經濟快速增長,民用航空運輸業發展迅速,航空公司之間的競爭也越來越強。 大型航空聯盟自1990年代末期出現,經歷十餘年的發展,逐漸形成三足鼎立之勢。全球排名前列的航空公司大多已加入三大聯盟之一,作為一種在當前產業環境下有效的提升競爭力之手段。大中華區航空公司入盟起步較晚,但迄今也已有八家航空公司以獨立身份加入三大航空聯盟之一。 本研究運用個案研究法,通過對大中華區多個已入盟之航空公司個案進行分析,總結航空公司入盟之策略準則,並以此為基礎對區內其他尚未入盟的公司提出建議。
In recent years, the economics has grown rapidly in the greater China area. The civil air transport industry is booming. As a result, the competition in the industry is getting fiercer and fiercer. Massive airline alliances have emerged since the late 1990s. After more than 10 years’ expanding, a situation of tripartite confrontation has appeared. Most of the top ranking airlines have become members of one of the three massive alliances in order to become more competitive in the airline industry. Though airlines in the greater China have lagged in becoming alliance members, there are still eight independent airlines that have joined alliances by now. The thesis attempts to summarize joining strategies by studying the case of several aligned airlines in Greater China area, and try to make suggestions to airlines that are not aligned yet in the area.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070253141
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