Title: 交互作用迴歸分析
Interaction Regression Analysis
Authors: 張登凱
Chang, Teng-Kai
Chen, Lin-An
Keywords: 交互作用;交互作用迴歸;直接效果;間接效果;Interaction;Interaction Regression;Direct effect;Indirect effect
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 傳統檢驗交互作用是檢驗看迴歸函數是否存在著相乘項或是迴歸函數二階段微分是否為零。我們首先介紹一階段微分的標準來檢驗二階段微分的合理性。我們再來檢驗因果論中的非直接效果(Indirect effect)是否解釋掉全部的交互作用。如果無法全部解釋,那就表示存在著非直接效果以外的交互作用。我們也將研究迴歸函數其定義域是否存在一條線(Switch line)把它分成一部份具有協同作用(Synergistic effect),另一部份存在抗拮作用(Antagonistic effect)。最後我們將呈現一個完整的資料分析。
Classically researchers verify for presence of interaction, the effect of interdependence, though detection for presence of product term in regression function on record product derivative of this function. We first verify the appropriateness of product term criterion by introducing a first order derivative criterion. We then investigate if the indirect effect in causal inference can interpret the interaction effect. We also study the presence of switch line that divides the regression function into two parts: one with synergistic effect and one with antagonistic effect. Finally we conduct a data analysis.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070452605
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