Title: 癌症基因檢測服務之策略分析
A Strategic Analysis of the Cancer Genetic Testing Industry
Authors: 莊凱帆
Chuang, Kai-Fan
Keywords: 癌症基因檢測;基因檢測服務;基因檢測產業;創新密集服務模式;服務價值活動;外部資源;Cancer Genetic Testing;Genetic Testing Industry;Genetic Testing;Cancer Gene;Innovation Intensive Services;Value activities;Externalities
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本論文聚焦於癌症基因檢測服務產業內部之企業,以文獻回顧目前基因檢測技術之應用,以及癌症基因檢測之研究趨勢。且利用創新密集服務模式(Innovation Intensive Service, IIS)進行企業層級分析,以四種客製化程度為橫軸、五種創新種類為縱軸,建構反映20種企業經營型態的IIS矩陣。透過專家訪談和問卷調查,得出癌症基因檢測服務產業之目前產業定位與未來發展趨勢。由定位結果找出對企業重要的「內部服務價值活動」與「外部資源涵量」,以及其中包含的關鍵成功要素(Key Success Factor, KSF)。 研究結果顯示,專家問卷定位的產業位置,目前在「一般服務/產品創新」。IIS分析預期未來5年朝向「選擇服務/結構創新」。在此定位為下,服務價值活動著重顧客知識累積;外部資源涵量著重整合外部技術資源能力、客製化設計、潛在需求者、使用者特性、產業供應鏈整合能力、顧客關係管理、相關支援產業。因此,企業必須針對上述構面不足的關鍵成功要素進行強化。
This thesis focuses on the firm in the cancer genetic testing industry and includes a review of the research of genetic testing for cancer, genetic testing technology applications, and market dynamics. The study analysis by applying an Innovation Intensive Service(IIS) model at firm-level. Structuring a matrix which encompasses four service packages and five innovation modes reflect 20 types of company operation forms. By interviewing and administering a questionnaire to experts in this field, we can elucidate the strategic position and the future development trend of the industry, and find out the key success factors(KSF) in internal value activities and externalities for the firms in this industry. Study result shows that the present position of the cancer genetic testing industry is “Product Innovation/ Generic Service”. In the next 5 years, it will shift to the position of “Structural Innovation/ Selective Service”. In this position, internal value activity focusses on The Integration of the external resource; externalities pay attention to customized design, potential demanded, user characteristics, and the ability to supply chain integration, customer relationship management, and other supporting industry. It is necessary to strengthen those KSF of these factors to develop this industry successfully.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453513
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