Title: 股權式群眾募資之領導型投資人探勘機制
A Leader Investor Discovering Mechanism for Equity Crowdfunding
Authors: 曾尉哲
Zeng, Wei-Zhe
Li, Yung-Ming
Keywords: 創投;社群網路;股權型群眾募資;社群推薦;社群關係;Venture capital;Social network;Social fundraising;Social recommendation;Social relationship
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 隨著網際網路的發達,大幅地降低了創業的門檻,新創公司的數量日趨增加。而因為群眾募資平台的興盛,許多需要創業資金的新創公司也採用了相似的方式進行募資。然而現存的募資平台卻缺乏一個能夠透過社群網絡來幫助募款者尋找投資人的機制,在考量適合的投資人時,除了媒合使用者與投資人的興趣之外,本研究提出了一個能夠應用於股權式群眾募資的社群推薦系統,除了分析使用者與投資人的偏好,更能利用投資人的社群關係幫助募款人,藉著其影響力來吸引更多的投資人一起投資,使得資金籌募能更快地達成目標。
With the development of the Internet, a significant reduction in the threshold of entrepreneurship, the number of new companies increasing. Because of the rise of the fund-raising platform, many venture capital companies also use this way to raise funds. However, the existing fund-raising platforms lack a network and community to help funders looking for appropriate investors. In this research, we propose a social investor recommendation system that can be applied to equity-based fundraising. We analyze the preferences of users and investors, and use the investor's community relationship to help fundraisers attract more investment through their influence. As more relevant people are influenced and invest together, fundraising can achieve goals faster.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070453413
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