Title: 平衡計分卡應用於會展之個案研究
A Case Study of the Balanced Scorecard Applied to Convention and Exhibition
Authors: 陳慶惠
Keywords: 平衡計分卡;策略地圖;會展產業;Balanced scorecard;strategy map;exhibition industry
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究嘗試導入「平衡計分卡」(Balanced Scorecard) 運用於公部門的非營利組織-會展基金會上,希望有助於會展基金會發揮資源整合、有效溝通,能次第達成策略目標、願景,並朝著實現使命的方向全力邁進。 「平衡計分卡」利用「策略地圖」(Strategy Map)簡單明瞭表達組織想做什麼、如何做,既有助於提升組織績效、確保長期發展,還能即時修正、讓組織保持彈性。既往多運用於民營企業,近來不少公營企業及政府機關因體認到其簡而易用之特性而採行,如臺北市政府各局處的全面採用,即有助於提升政策的推行效能。而隸屬市政府轄下的會展基金會,為了提升營運績效,更有實施「平衡計分卡」的必要性;透過量化的具體目標與行動方案,不僅可承上啟下,並有望成為創造更好經營績效的成功範例。 本研究藉由對會展基金會的現況做資料蒐集、業務訪查,再進一步取得各重要主管的同意接受採訪,依循平衡計分卡的方法論,歸納發展出會展基金會的使命、願景及核心價值,進而建立起專屬的策略地圖和行動方案,最後;提供研究結論和建議,希望因此能讓會展基金會創造更美好的營運績效。
In this study, we try to import the Balance Scorecard to the nonprofit organization of the public sector- Exhibition Foundation. We hope to help the exhibition fund to realize the integration of resources and effective communication, and reach the strategic goals and vision, towards the realization of the direction of the mission to move forward. The Balanced Scorecard is a clear idea of what the organization wants to do and how it does to help improve organizational performance, ensure long-term growth, and can be corrected immediately to keep the organizations to maintain flexibility.Previously used in private enterprises, Recently, many public enterprises and government agencies have accepted the characteristics of their simple and easy to use. For example, the full use of the various Municipal Councils in Taipei will help enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of the policy. The Exhibition Foundation as an affiliated with the organization of the municipal government, In order to enhance the operational performance, to implement the "Balanced Scorecard" is also necessary. Through specific quantitative goals and action programs, it is expected to be a successful example of creating better business performance. This study is based on the current situation of the exhibition fund to do information collection、visit business and then obtain the consent of the important supervisors to accept the interview, follow the methodology of the Balanced Scorecard, summed up the mission、vision and core values of the exhibition, and then create exclusive strategic maps and action plans. Finally, provide research conclusions and recommendations, I hope that this study will allow the exhibition foundation to create better operational performance.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463706
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