Title: 研究非等向性平板在平板振盪實驗中克拉德尼節線圖案之特徵
Exploring the Characteristics of Chladni Figures via Anisotropic Vibrating Plates
Authors: 黃致瑋
Huang, Zhi-Wei
Chen, Yung-Fu
Keywords: 平板振盪實驗;非等向性平板;克拉德尼節線圖形;thin plate vibration experiment;anisotropic plate;Chladni patterns
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本論文將非等向性之黃銅板以四個不同的角度裁切,進行現代平板振盪實驗。根據實驗結果,黃銅板之不對稱性從45°到0°越來越明顯,所形成之克拉德尼節線圖形也有越來越偏圓形的趨勢。利用節線重建模型,改變參數後可有效重建不同裁切角度下之黃銅板所形成之克拉德尼節線圖形,使實驗與理論有了精準的對應。由本研究結果,可直接利用模擬程式挑選或者排除非等向性材料之特定的相對裁切角度,來達到對產品振盪行為的要求。
In this thesis, the modern thin plate vibration experiment was demonstrated by anisotropic brass plate in four different cutting angles. According to the experimental results, the phenomena of asymmetry in brass plate is getting stronger from 45° to 0°, and the nodal line of the Chladni patterns are getting more circular at the same time. By utilizing the theoretical model of figure reconstruction, we could rebuild the Chladni patterns under different cutting angles via tilting the parameters and get the precise comparison between experiment and theory. On the basis of the conclusion in this thesis, we could offer the theoretical results of the specific cutting angles of isotropic materials to match the requirements of vibrating products.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070352813
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