Title: 利用雷射調整白光電化學元件電激發光頻譜之色溫
Laser-Scanned Programmable Color Temperature of Electroluminescence from White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells
Authors: 李曉菁
Lee, Hsiao-Chin
Su, Hai-Ching
Keywords: 發光電化學元件;色溫;奈米粒子;電漿濾波器;白光;light-emitting electrochemical cells;color temperature;nanoparticles;plasmonic filter;white light
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來,研究發現色溫會逐漸影響人的生理及健康,因此控制人工固態白光光源的相對色溫研究開始引起注意。在這個研究中,我們提出並演示了一種方法:利用電漿濾光片調整白光電化學元件之電激發發光頻譜的相對色溫。電漿濾光片是由半連續的薄銀膜或銀奈米粒子搭配銦錫氧化物作為陽極所組成,這些濾光片有不同表面電漿共振吸收的特性,可以用來調整白光電化學元件的電激發發光頻譜。經過半連續薄銀膜以及隨機分佈的銀奈米粒子濾光後,分別可以得到5778K和2350K的相對色溫。此研究使用市售的雷射掃描系統對半連續薄銀金屬進行局部熱退火,會在掃描的區域上形成隨機分佈的銀奈米粒子。因此這兩種濾波器可以作用在相同一個白光電化學元件上,使得白色電激發光的相對色溫可以有更多的選擇。此外,這個研究中所使用的雷射掃描系統經常在顯示器製造中使用,因此我們所提出的方法可以立即被發光二極體工業採用。
Recently, the control of correlated color temperature (CCT) of artificial solid-state white-light sources starts to attract more attention since CTs affect human physiology and health profoundly. In this work, we proposed and demonstrated a method that can widely tune the CCTs of electroluminescence (EL) from white-light-emitting electrochemical cells (LECs) by employing plasmonic filters. These integrated on-chip plasmonic filters are composed of semicontinuous thin Ag film or Ag nanoparticles (NPs) both included in the indium tin oxide anode contact, which have different characteristics of plasmonic resonant absorptions that can tune the EL spectra of white LECs. The CCTs of EL from white LECs integrated with semicontinuous thin Ag film and randomly distributed Ag NPs are 5778 and 2350 K, respectively. A commercially available laser scanning system was used to locally thermal anneal the semicontinuous thin Ag film to form the randomly distributed Ag NPs on the scanned areas. Hence, these two kinds of filters can be integrated on the same chip of white LEC, giving more freedom to control the CCTs of white EL and more potential applications. In addition, the laser scanning system used here is quite often used in display manufactures so that our proposed method can be immediately adopted by the light-emitting diode industry.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070458212
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