Title: 應用層級分析法探討DLP投影機鏡頭供應商評選之研究
An Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process on Selection of DLP Projector Projection Lens Suppliers
Authors: 張詠清
Chang, Yung-Ching
Chiang, Chi
Keywords: DLP投影機;投影機鏡頭;供應商評選;層級分析法;DLP projector;Projection lens;Supplier selection;AHP
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來隨著投影機的規格提升、設計便攜,投影機市場已從以往企業商用延伸至教育、家用市場。在投影機使用範圍與目的更加多元之環境下,扮演投影機成像功能關鍵零組件的鏡頭,在投影機的產品規劃、設計開發與後端市場銷售上具有舉足輕重的角色。因此,鏡頭供應商的選用更是需要投影機製造商的審慎評估。 本研究採用層級分析法(AHP),以DLP投影機鏡頭供應商評選為研究主題,透過文獻分析、專家訪談以及問卷調查等方式,進行層級架構之探討,建立出DLP投影機鏡頭供應商評選構面及指標排序,期望作為DLP投影機產業評選鏡頭供應商時的參考指南,為該產業在眾多供應商中找到最適合的合作夥伴。 從本研究之分析結果得出五大構面的重要性排名,由高至低分別為「技術能力」、「品質」、「價格」、「交期與服務」和「關係」。前兩名佔整體的69%。以整體權重來看指標排名,前五名為「產品設計開發能力」、「品質穩定性」、「價格競爭力」、「生產製程能力」和「產品可靠度」。前五名之總重要性約佔整體權重之六成。
The projector market is swifting from corporate usage to educational and home usage with the progress of specification upgrade and design of portability. Under the projector’s multi-purpose usage environment, projection lens, a key component for imaging, plays an important role for projector product planning, deisng and development, and market promotion. Hence, the selection of projection lens supplier becomes an important task that the projector companies need to make very careful assessment. This research is conducted by applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to explore the key factors of the vendor selection of projection lens for DLP projector companies. The hierarchy structure is established by literature review, experts’ opinion, and the questionnaire. This research aims to provide a projection lens supplier selection guideline for DLP projection companies and help them find out their suitable projection lens suppliers. The result of this research shows that the top five important vendor selection dimensions are technology, quality, price, delivery and service, and relationship. The top 2 dimensions weight around 69% in total. And the top five important key factors are design and development capability, quality consistency, price competitiveness, production capability, and product reliability.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463115
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