Title: 建立中/高階管理職能模型及其人才評鑑系統:以C公司為例
Building a Middle-senior Management Competence Model and Performance Evaluation System:A Case of C Company
Authors: 杜艾玲
Tu, Ai-Ling
Keywords: 領導能力;管理才能;管理職能;leadership;management;management competence
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 個案公司為資訊服務業,最大的資產在於優秀的人力資源,優秀的中/高階管理幹部更是公司永續經營與持續成長的關鍵因素之一。在公司成立17年,歷經第一階段是以提供優質服務為首要經營策略;到第二階段以產品化為主要營運目標;自2016年起,邁向第三階段,以大平台為提供客戶優質服務為主,組織不斷追求創新與成長。有鑑於此,本研究之目的便希望建立中/高階主管所應具備的管理職能模型,並藉由此模型之應用,為個案公司設計出合適的訓練發展藍圖,以協助其培養主管之職能;並且建構甄選內部具潛力人才之評量標準,作為個案公司中長期管理人才發展之依據。 透過文獻分析與、與個案公司董事長及總經理訪談,以及透過高階主管問卷調查以蒐集其對管理職能之意見。本研究有邏輯地確立職能構面及各個構面的定義,以建立出個案公司中/高階主管之管理職能模型。 最後,本研究以管理職能模型為基礎,將管理職能應用在個案公司之教育訓練、績效評鑑、招募遴選及接班人養成計畫。並且依據人才九宮格概念,定義出中階及高階之關鍵管理人才。
A nominated project company Company C is in information technology service industry. Company C's biggest property is owning excellent manpower resources. One of the most important reasons to maintain Company C's eternal operations and growth of profits is to enrich their excellent staff. Company C has established for 17 years. They have gone through a few periods of business growing strategy. They firstly developed an operational strategy focused on providing outstanding service quality. Secondly, they targeted in commercialized. Since 2016, they started their new step into a new innovation which is in addition to providing customers excellent services. The purpose of this study is building a middle-senior management function model and to use this model for a development on the staff training plans. This plan will assist managers and provide them knowledge for their development of staff recruitment manual which includes staff performance evaluation. This model will be a long term reference for human resource of the company. This research will have logic business function plan and definition. The middle-senior management function model will be developed based on the resources collected from theories, discussions with CEO and General Manager of Company C, surveys of their staff. This research paper will be a manual of a management function model. It will be used for a company's staff training, performance evaluation, staff recruitment and promotion plan. This paper will also be a reference to select a suitable manager of a company.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463701
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