Title: 採用可調式電致變色濾光片 調整白光電化學元件之相對色溫
Dynamically Tuning the Correlated Color Temperature of White Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells with Electrochromic Filters
Authors: 邱柏瑞
Chiou, Bo-Ruei
Su, Hai-Ching
Keywords: 發光電化學元件;電致變色;色溫;light-emitting electrochemical cells;electrochromism;color temperature
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來,固態白光有機電化學元件已經引起了強烈的關注,因為它們能表現出例如低電壓操作,便於溶液製程以及使用惰性陰極金屬等優點。由於不同相對色溫(correlated color temperatures, CCTs)的背景光源對於各種照明應用是必須的,因此在現代智能照明系統中非常需要白光有機電化學元件的即時可調變相關色溫。在這項實驗中,能廣泛變化的調變相對色溫(> 10000 K)的白光有機電化學元件是藉由使用電致變色元件(electrochromic device, ECD)作為可調變濾光片。透過增加ECD上施加的偏壓使得白光有機電化學元件扣除更多白光EL的紅光部分,讓有機電化學元件的白色光源更接近藍色,並且顯示更高的相對色溫。這項實驗被提出所具有較寬的相對色溫範圍和即時可調變性的有機電化學元件白光源能夠適用於大多數照明應用和現代智能照明系統。
Recently, white solid-state LECs have attracted intense attention since they exhibit advantages such as low-voltage operation, compatibility with solution processes and employing inert cathode metals. Since different correlated color temperatures (CCTs) of background illumination are necessary for various lighting applications, a real-time tunable CCT of white LECs would be highly desired in modern smart lighting systems. In this work, a widely and dynamically tuning CCT (>10000 K) of white LEC is demonstrated by employing an electrochromic device (ECD) as a real-time controllable color filter. By increasing the applied bias on the ECD to attenuate more the red parts of white EL from the white LEC, the LEC-based white light source becomes more bluish and, in consequence, shows higher CCT. This proposed LEC-based white light source with the characteristics of wide CCT range and real-time tunability is suitable for most lighting applications and modern smart lighting systems.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070458126
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