Title: 光磊在LED產業未來發展之研究
Research on the Future Development of LED Industry on Opto Tech Corporation
Authors: 黃薇帆
Keywords: 節能產業;策略合作;競爭優勢;Energy-Saving Industry;Strategic Cooperation;Competitive Advantage
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: LED這道未來的光,曾是政府寄予厚望的下一個兆元產業。台灣站在半導體、面板產業的優異基礎上,從上游的藍寶石晶體基板、中游磊晶晶片製程、封裝、系統整合,形成一條完整的產業鏈。政府推動的台灣產業旗艦計劃方針將原來的「兩兆雙星」轉變為「太陽能光電與LED照明產業」。近年來,由於受到韓國與大陸LED產業的削價競爭,四大產業之一的LED也變為四大慘業之一。 本論文之研究目的旨在探討財務體質良好但營收無法成長的光磊,如何在激烈的國際競爭下找尋其出路,未來應如何發展?是否還有發展空間?期望能從研究中發現一些具有實證及理論基礎的論點,供光磊作為未來的發展之參考。
LED, the further light, was the government hops for the next million industry. On the basis of excellence, Taiwan have the advantage on the completed industry chain from upstream sapphire crystal substrate, to intermediate epitaxial wafer process, packaging, system integration. A flagship program led by Taiwanese government will turn the original program” Two Megacycles” into “Solar Photovoltaic and LED lighting” one. In recent years, due to South Korea and the mainland LED industry price competition, one of the four major industries LED has become on the the four tragic The purpose of this paper is to explore the reason on LED industry why the financial system is good but the revenue can not grow. How to find out the way out in the fierce international competition. How should the future develop? Is there any room for development? It is expected that some arguments with empirical and theoretical basis can be found in the study, which can be used as a reference for future development.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463922
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