Title: 應用層級分析法探討臺灣IC封裝業基板供應商評選之研究
Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process on Selection of Substrate Suppliers for the IC Assembly Industry in Taiwan
Authors: 劉茜蓉
Keywords: IC基板廠商;IC封裝業;層級分析法;供應商評選;IC Substrate supplier;Assembly industry;Analytic hierarchy process;Supplier evaluation
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 在迎來來21世紀之際,臺灣半導體產業正面臨臨前所未有的艱鉅挑戰,除了了持續致力於縮小元件尺寸及提高生產效能的努力之外,一邊面臨臨大陸紅色供應鏈強勢崛起的競爭威脅。本研究旨在爬梳出具體的供應商評選指標,協助臺灣IC封裝廠在進行基板供應商挑選時能有清楚明確的判斷依據。 本研究初步透過文獻回顧整理出24個供應商評選指標,接著透過深入資深實務採購經理進行訪談與問卷調查,建構出選用IC基板供應商關鍵因素第二層的四大構面,依序分別為品質、技術、價格及交期,原24個供應商評選指標則篩選為14個關鍵準則。之後,使用層級分析法 (Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP)將前述所建構的四大構面及14個關鍵準則透過量化分析綜合評估,得出最終5大重要基板供應商評選參考指標。 研究結果顯示,IC封裝商應依序考量其產品製造品質、技術領先能力、產品價格、新產品開發能力、以及降低成本力等因素,作為挑選基板供應商時的參考依據。期待藉由本研究系統性的整理協助臺灣IC封裝廠各項遴選基板供應商時相關指標,以助其運用在未來來產品發展策略中。
By the dawn of 21st century, Taiwanese semiconductor industry has faced various difficult tasks, to work hard on reducing electronic parts’ size, to booster producing efficiency, and to continuously develop new technique for innovation,. and so on. In addition, the uprising strong competitors, red supply chains of China, has brought a new wave of severe competition. The purpose of this research is to assist IC assembling companies to figure out how to choose the best matched supplier to meet all the required qualification in the dimensions of quality, technique, cost and service. In this study, 24 influencing criteria for supplier selection decision were first collected through literature review, and then were developed into four dimensions (quality, technique, price and delivery) and narrowed down to 16 factors by the following experts discussion. The application of analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) then sorts out the final 5 key dimensions for supplier selection decision. This research finds out that production quality & stability, technology leadership, price, ability for developing new products, and capability of lowering cost are in the order of the most important 5 factors for supplier selection decision. This result is expected to provide a clearly systematic information for IC assembly companies to make wise decisions when they choose substrate suppliers to seek to match their developing strategies of products in the future.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070463121
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