Title: 電弧離子鍍膜技術沉積氧化鋁鋅(AZO)透明導電薄膜
Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide Transparent Conductive Oxide Thin Film Deposited by Arc Ion Plating System
Authors: 鄭皓文
Keywords: 電弧離子鍍膜;氧化鋁鋅;透明導電薄膜;Arc ion plating;AZO;Transparent conductive oxide thin film
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本實驗之研究內容於以電弧離子鍍膜系統利用摻雜不同比例鋁(2、3%)之鋁鋅合金靶,在腔體溫度100℃下改變氧氣流量(10~150sccm)沉積氧化鋁鋅(AZO)透明導電薄膜於康寧玻璃、矽晶片和PET基材上。使用UV-可見光光譜儀、霍爾量測儀、四點探針、薄膜X光繞射儀(XRD)、電子顯微鏡(SEM)、超微細表面形狀測定器(Alpha-step),分析薄膜之光學、電性與結構特性,並測試PET基材上AZO膜層對於不同繞曲半徑的光學與電性特性之變化率。 由實驗結果顯示所有AZO薄膜於可見光範圍的平均光穿透率(400~700nm)皆高於80%,最佳之可見光平均光穿透率可達89%,AZO薄膜最佳電阻率為3.769×10-4 Ω-cm,於10×10 cm2的PET基材上電阻率均勻性為9.5%,XRD觀察發現於腔體溫度100℃下沉積之薄膜即有(002)繞射峰C軸取向。
The project aims to analysis the properties of Transparent Conducting Oxide thin film of Al doped ZnO (AZO) deposited on glass、silicon wafer and PET substrates though controlling various parameters including alloy target with 2% and 3% Al-Zn and oxygen flow from 10-150 sccm in a 100℃ chamber of Arc ion plating system.The film properties analysis include optical character, electrical and structure properties by UV-Visible, Hall measurement, X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Alpha-step, and Four Point Probe systems. Furthermore, the optical characters and electrical properties will be studied on PET substrate by different radius of curvature of flexural loads. From the testing results, the average transmittance under visible range (about 400-700nm) of all the AZO films are higher than 80%. The best result of average transmittance could reached 89%. The best resistivity was 3.769×10-4 Ω-cm. The homogeneity of electrical resistance on 10×10 cm2 PET substrate was 9.5%.The films deposited under 100℃ chamber will carry the properties of (002) C-axis orientation by XRD analysis.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070161612
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